Intelligent Suite

Predictive and Preventative Support

Predictive and Preventative Support from SAP Helps Resolve Issues Before They Happen

From traditional on-demand support to self-service tools, SAP users benefit from intuitive, context-sensitive support delivered through the digital support experience. Examples include AI-enabled incident solution matching, which can help resolve issues without even having to log an incident, and support assistant, which provides guided help for optimized incident creation. In addition, real-time channels and support communities, such as SAP Community and the Ask an Expert Peer service, help users solve issues faster by engaging with SAP or external experts.

SAP strives to provide predictive and preventative support services to further improve the customer support experience by implementing customer-tailored interventions such as cloud health. Cloud health redefines traditional monitoring and enables preventative action by analyzing performance and error data for every user action.

An example of predictive and preventative support is trending content, which is accessible through SAP ONE Support Launchpad and product pages through “Products” in the header navigation of the SAP Support Portal destination. Another example is on-demand subscriptions related to ongoing critical outages, which provide customers with the latest outage updates and resolution directly in SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

The amount of predictive and preventative features within SAP ONE Support Launchpad is planned to increase over time.