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Planning Innovations

Planning Innovations: Enterprise Planning with Greater Flexibility, Integration, and Experience for Users

SAP is creating a foundation for enterprise planning, and the extended planning and analysis process plays a central role in the future of how organizations plan. Thus, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) can bring together data from across SAP solutions to the SAP Analytics Cloud solution and the upcoming new model.

With the support, guidance, and expertise of SAP and Bluetree, we successfully deployed SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, which have enabled streamlined financial reporting, data-driven decision-making, and a superior user experience.

Leonard Lek, Finance Manager, Taronga Conservation Society Australia. On a journey to modernize its business, Taronga, a leader in conservation, has been around for over 100 years, and wanted to enable greater focus on caring for wildlife and vital conservation projects by reducing the time staff members spend on administrative tasks. Learn how Taronga overhauled its legacy systems to increase operational efficiency and expand its impact on wildlife and enhance the visitor experience.

By Q2 and Q3/2021, users of SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, a cloud-based planning and analysis solution, are expected to benefit from the general availability of innovations that can streamline planning workflows and enable greater flexibility around modeling the planning process.

  • The new model offers SAP Analytics Cloud flexibility and enterprise-wide integration - combining the advantages of account- and measure-based modeling and improving the integration with other SAP solutions. With an enriched calculation experience such as enhanced currency conversion capabilities, the new model also improves calculation performance for many business intelligence and planning scenarios. In our internal beta testing and with that of select customer uses case, the new model was found to have up to 3x faster data transformation and supporting 10x bigger data volume in one import job. With capabilities in the new model, customers can start to better integrate their enterprise-wide data from SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors solutions, and other parts of the intelligent enterprise to have a more holistic and enterprise view of planning integrated in one solution.
  • Application developers benefit from new APIs for SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer, which include much greater flexibility in customization. The script API enhancement is planned to make creating stories, integration, and exports easier. With APIs for data actions (functions that allow planners to schedule execution of steps in the planning process) developers can automate planning processes much easier with embedded steps. This can result in less manual work for planners and more robust and dynamic planning applications. Additionally, the API for calendar tasks or processes can enable developers to further customize how analytic applications interact with these workflows. Customers can reduce time spent on manually parsing and moving data and instead increase overall productivity by performing analysis during their planning processes and supporting better decisions.
  • Planning is a process-driven activity for organizations, requiring steps such as seeding budgets, copying actuals or performing allocations with the ability to act based on exceptions. SAP Analytics Cloud helps automate these processes with the data actions feature. Within SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, data actions can be enhanced which can simplify their execution for planners, thus reducing errors and improving the performance of planning steps. This enhancement allows greater flexibility in modeling scenarios and execution of business logic.
  • The set of intelligent capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud includes “smart predict,” which uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis to provide predictive planning and forecasting. These features are built natively in SAP Analytics Cloud, allowing planners to use historical trends married with human intelligence to evaluate outcomes. Enhancing the evaluation of the outcomes and aligning them with a process, planners can also look forward to the initial release of “multiactions.” Multiactions are designed to provide better support for complex planning workflows to help ensure that customer-defined planning processes are executed and monitored without deviations. The initial release focuses on chain data actions and defined planning triggers for sequence execution in stories which will result in much better process alignment for planning administrators monitoring the overall process and help ensure compliance with enterprise standards.

The planning capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud enabled us to gather, store and analyze finance information from all our teams more effectively. This provides us with reliable and in-depth financial insights that help us fulfill our mission and help ensure the economic viability of the clubs.

Paul Lafont, Financial Controller, Ligue Nationale de Basket. Ligue Nationale de Basket, France’s governing body for men’s professional basketball, streamlined their planning process and simplified the collection of financial information to support over 30 clubs achieve budgeting and financial control. SAP Analytics Cloud for planning is now their single source of truth for financial data — improving data accuracy and improving decision-making with intuitive data visualization and predictions across the company.