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Orchestrate Data with SAP Data Intelligence

SAP continues to enhance SAP Data Intelligence, a data orchestration service powering SAP Business Technology Platform for cloud data migration and modernization, data engineering and governance, and data fabric and operational data integration use cases.

A subset of data integration capabilities from SAP Data Intelligence is already embedded natively in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. In July, we expect to release data integration and federation capabilities for the SAP HANA Cloud database based on the same SAP Data Intelligence framework, making it easier for customers to move their data into SAP HANA Cloud without requiring additional ETL tooling.

Customers using SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward software can now further extend their existing investments by reusing and recycling work done in on-premise landscapes with SAP Data Intelligence Cloud. By reusing the content created in SAP Information Steward and applying it to new cloud data sources, organizations can rapidly establish extended data quality, profiling, and governance capabilities to distributed data sources such as data lakes, helping ensure consistency and trusted data across their landscape. By extending SAP Data Services pipelines to cloud-native data targets, customers can move data to data lakes with minimal effort and support the consumption of data through open-source technologies such as Apache Kafka. Further planned enhancements for Q3/2021 include the ability to offload data processing to elastic cloud environments, resulting in lower hardware and on-premise software costs for customers and greater agility and scalability of data processing.

SAP Data Intelligence gives the possibility to bring data science scenarios in a productive environment. The integration with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud offers the possibility to build up end-to-end analytical processes.

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Finally, we expect to release the following features for SAP Data Intelligence Cloud to reduce TCO: hibernation, auto-scaling to intelligently manage processing resources and lightweight deployments for data integration and orchestration scenarios. The newly released hibernation mode allows customers to suspend the service when not in active use, reducing licensing fees. Auto-scaling capabilities allow users to scale up processing on demand, only paying for resource consumption as needed. For example, customers could see a significant reduction in cost simply by hibernating the service during weekend hours. Planned enhancements include a lower-cost and shared-architecture deployment of the SAP Data Intelligence Cloud solution that can be used for lightweight data integration and orchestration scenarios.