SAP Application Extension Methodology for SAP Extension Suite

Introducing a Methodology for Building Applications on SAP Extension Suite

SAP business applications can be extended to reflect company-specific business processes and requirements, but often customers spend a lot of time and effort to standardize the processes of building extensions to SAP solutions. SAP Application Extension Methodology (beta) for SAP Extension Suite provides SAP customers and partners with guidance and a standardized process for translating specific business requirements into a solution architecture. This can increase development output, reduce planning time for projects, and deliver consistent and reproducible quality for business requirement implementations. With the methodology, SAP supports customers in answering central questions before starting with an implementation:

  • Is the development of an extension necessary, or can business requirements be solved differently?
  • Which skill set is required to build the extension?
  • Which services or tools of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) are most suitable for a specific business need?
  • What is the recommended architecture for my extension?

Together with the existing SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology, SAP Application Extension Methodology delivers a rich set of guidance for scaling your business on SAP BTP.

The new SAP Application Extension Methodology looks very promising for us. After gaining first insights into the project, we have already taken a lot away for our extension planning process and look forward to applying it in the future.

Stephan Niewöhner, Head of Mobile Application Development, CLAAS KGaA

The methodology is planned to initially be delivered as an e-book plus an interactive questionnaire on customer request. Additional learning content and complementary service offerings are planned as well.

SAP Application Extension Methodology

SAP Application Extension Methodology

This is a big step in the right direction to strengthen the positioning of SAP BTP on our landscape.

Manuel Lopez Buendia, Senior SAP Platform Engineer, Adidas AG

Customers who want to get access to the methodology can request free access by contacting the SAP Application Extension Methodology team at sapaem@sap.com.