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SAP HANA Cloud Innovations

Greater Flexibility and Support with SAP HANA Cloud Innovations

The data lake in the SAP HANA Cloud database now supports file object store and SQL on files capabilities. Customers can now analyze large amounts of data with a low-cost strategy and share this data more easily with other processing tools. Effectively, customers may now be able to reduce costs incurred by moving data across regions or hyperscalers and reducing TCO. The data lake was built to help customers have consistent security, compliance, and governance policies in a cloud-native ecosystem that hosts structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data files. SQL on files allows direct query access to files that have a relational format stored in the data lake files service using a SQL interface for improved analysis flexibility and effectiveness.

What we need is a way to scale in the cloud, while retaining that data load capability. With SAP HANA Cloud, our clients will be able to expand storage with ease, even when they’re collecting a petabyte of data per day.

Michael Kane, Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Marketing, MLOGICA LLC

SAP HANA Cloud, our cloud-native database-as-a-service, can provide users with more flexibility and more choices with the new cloud service provider deployment support for Google Cloud Platform. This expansion of SAP HANA Cloud deployment availability makes it easier for organizations to choose their own data management landscape and infrastructure for a multi-cloud experience and options.

This new service for SAP HANA Cloud will enable us to operate and scale with much greater flexibility than we’ve had in the past. It’s the cloud solution we’ve been looking for.

Pål Magnus Nybø, Technical Architecture Lead, Telenor

The scalability of SAP HANA Cloud can be strengthened by an increase in the available instance size, supported via self-services that allow an elastic adjustment of an instance’s capacity. Customers can process even more data, plus flexibly (and cost-effectively) consume the amount of processing capacity required – whether scaling up or down.

SAP HANA Cloud and its new ASE and data lake services offer the scalability and reliability we need – exactly what it will take to match the pace of the world’s financial markets.

Zeeshan Khan, Palladris

In addition, SAP Business Application Studio now provides support for native SAP HANA Cloud development. This simplifies and saves time in setting up a development environment and allows efficient development, test, build and run solutions directly on SAP HANA Cloud.