Business Process Intelligence

GA of SAP Process Insights

General Availability of SAP Process Insights

Business environments are changing rapidly. Companies must transform while ensuring current processes execute efficiently. The SAP Process Insights solution, generally available Q3/2021, is a powerful solution providing unique process insights, root cause analysis, and directly executable improvements. The software delivers transformation gains with one single source of process truth.

With SAP Process Insights, enterprises shift from guesswork to data-based, transparent process improvement. The solution crosses all sources of value, such as within SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA applications, maximizing returns and helping ensure execution across all business areas, not only lead to cash and source to pay but also operate to maintain, plan to produce, and many more.

Customers can make the decisions they need, when they need them. With SAP Process Insights, companies can boost continuous improvement initiatives with comprehensive, enhanced performance views and 360-degree process drill-downs. Visualize bottlenecks, introduce recommended improvements with corrective actions, and align operations with automated monitoring capabilities.

The top capabilities include:

  • Instant insights: Automated, advanced process data extraction for a clearer understanding of comprehensive business processes
  • Root cause analysis: Drill-downs to a single affected business object, advanced filtering capabilities, and the ability to see the monetary value of documents
  • Process-improvement recommendations: Data-driven process improvement recommendations using transaction usage data, industry benchmarks, and value-driver entry points

With SAP Process Insights, companies gain new levels of improvement in lockstep with business resilience knowledge for continuity and customer experience gains. With live monitoring of process performance, not only is transformation under complete control, but customers also increase understanding to break silos and meet consumer demands – faster than ever.

Customers can power their transformation journey with a free one-time report by SAP Process Insights, discovery edition at