Modularizing SAP Master Data Governance

General Availability of SAP Master Data Governance, Cloud Edition

SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition is a new application on SAP Business Technology Platform that helps companies get access to trusted, high-quality master data by helping ensure that their master data is consistent without duplicates across the whole IT landscape. This application enables IT departments to kick-start their master data management initiatives with very low entry costs. It allows companies that are already using the SAP Master Data Governance application on SAP S/4HANA to evolve from a completely centralized master data management setup to a more modular approach. This balances central and de-central activities, avoids upfront harmonization needs, and enables companies to yield high data quality by managing the data in the systems where it is best understood.

The new federation capabilities of SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition provide more deployment options that support the way businesses operate allowing them to extend the scope of master data management within their organizations.

David Menninger, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research