User Enablement Throughout Business Processes 

Enhanced User Enablement Throughout Business Processes with SAP Enable Now, ARIS, and Signavio Solutions 

The SAP Enable Now solution is now integrated with two key business process management tools: Architecture of Integrated Information Systems (ARIS) and business process intelligence (BPI) solutions from Signavio, now part of SAP after acquisition earlier this year. This helps enable employees of an organization (end users) throughout a business process chain.  

While existing business processes are continuously evolving to adapt to changes in the environment, new ones are emerging at a more rapid pace than ever before. Users must continuously learn about these new and evolving processes. To help ensure users are following up-to-date processes and have a clear understanding of how to use the technology, companies need to document the processes. Connecting business processes and knowledge transfer plays an instrumental role in user adaptability, enablement, and productivity.

With this connection between ARIS, Signavio solutions, and SAP Enable Now, users can benefit from business process models that are directly synchronized with the required documentation. This combination can help organizations identify where they need to make changes and then implement improvements quickly and easily.