Data to Value

Watchlist, Optimized Story Viewer, and Modules GA

Enhanced SAP Analytics Cloud Capabilities

The SAP Analytics Cloud solution is helping improve the productivity of information workers. By Q3/2021, we plan for it to be easier for information workers to find and consume information to help make business decisions, reducing the need for specialists or time-consuming training. With the enhanced watchlist, optimized story viewer, and simplified navigation capabilities, information workers can have easier access to key data, further enriched with business-friendly explanations to enable them to act more quickly to changing business situations. SAP Analytics Cloud can also help increase business intelligence adoption and data literacy for customers using line-of-business (LoB) solutions and those built on and SAP Analytics Cloud. This is one more way SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) helps enable companies to become intelligent enterprises:

  • The watchlist capability is designed to allow information workers to independently explore, monitor, and act in response to business changes. Workers can watch data points or charts, monitor changes over time with intelligent insights, and receive automated explanations that help them understand the reason behind the changes, all within the same interface.
  • Information workers can also experience improved performance and usability when viewing and interacting with stories with an optimized story viewer. This capability update contains several usability and performance improvements including enhanced filtering of stories and charts, enhanced navigation of large deep hierarchies, and undo/redo for data exploration.
  • We plan to improve the experience of both SAP Analytics Cloud and the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution with simplified navigation. Simplified navigation is designed to be intuitive and consistent across the products and to provide an experience that is optimized for the needs of every user. This enables the products to better work together as an interconnected set of solutions for data and analytics processes, while retaining the flexibility to use the products separately. The initial improvements are focused on three main areas: a new side navigation, a unified top shell bar, and interaction with different data, analytics, and administration applications and tools for productive work.

Watchlist is a promising concept we look forward to providing to our business users. It will enable them to monitor business metrics or KPIs that are important to them without requiring business analyst skills or support. They will also save time that they would have spent otherwise searching for the right chart in the right dashboard. It makes it much more likely they will use analytics and data-driven insights on an ongoing basis to drive their business.

Marco Chapuis, Head of Data Platforms at Richemont