Sustainability Management

Product Footprint Management at Scale

Effective Environmental Footprint Management with SAP Product Footprint Management

SAP has recently announced the beta release of SAP Product Footprint Management solution to enable organizations to take action to combat climate change. SAP Product Footprint Management captures the environmental footprint of products across the value chain, from beginning of prechain until end of product life, enabling customers to evaluate and assess their product footprints at scale.

In the survey “Improving the Environment at Planetary Scale” commissioned by SAP, conducted between November 2020 and January 2021, respondents identified the lack of clarity of embedding sustainability in business processes as the biggest barrier in their company for taking climate action to improve the planet’s environment. Specifically, organizations face challenges in gathering relevant data for sustainability, lack of generally accepted reporting standards and high manual efforts in reliably computing and managing product footprints, all of which hamper their ability to make decisions to reduce their emissions.

SAP Product Footprint Management addresses these issues by simplifying the evaluation and derivation of product footprints at scale by using SAP S/4HANA data and capabilities. Customers gain new insights into their emissions by combining financial, logistic, and environmental data in analytics. With footprint scores integrated in the business processes, customers can optimize their business decisions to reduce their net product footprint, such as selecting a supplier that provides raw materials with a lower footprint.

By offering a holistic, consistent approach for calculating product footprints, SAP Product Footprint Management provides transparency based on primary transactional and master data. The solution enables users to estimate the bottom-up calculation of footprints and related metrics by equipping them with a comprehensive governance mechanism to define the calculation assessments. With the solution’s advanced analytics and rich experience, users can more easily analyze and understand results, helping them reduce their footprint.