Further Innovations

Augmented and Mixed Reality

AR and MR Viewers for SAP Enterprise Product Development

Using next-generation technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR) opens the door to a complete rethinking of the way we approach business processes and projects. The launch of SAP Enterprise Product Development AR Viewer for iOS and for Android and SAP Enterprise Product Development MR Viewer for Microsoft HoloLens enables users to view 3D models in augmented reality using the camera of a smart phone or tablet. With this technology, business data is no longer bound to a computer screen in complicated demos. The data can be “augmented” to physical objects, such as an assembly line in a factory, or machines providing services in the field. End users can more easily understand complex models and showcase processes and products through a tablet screen. Using hand gestures, users can scale the model to the smallest detail, view it from every possible perspective and for example, show a potential customer what the new product will look like without having to access the physical object. This possibility can simplify operations and processes, save time and increase product quality. Design flaws can more easily be discovered and avoided if augmented reality is used along the journey.

SAP Enterprise Product Development AR Viewer can help us to better illustrate the variants and setups of compressed air systems along our process to stakeholders such as customers, installers, and service technicians.

Patrick Dietz, IT Architect, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SE

A successful customer example using this technology is Kaeser Kompressoren, a manufacturing company providing compressed air products and services. With SAP Enterprise Product Development AR Viewer for iOS and Android, their custom-tailored compressed air systems can be illustrated, analyzed and explained in different process phases in easy, non-technical terms to all process participants like sub contractors, dealers and end users.

Using SAP Enterprise Product Development AR Viewer, they are able to view complex 3D visual product models in different development stages and process phases on a 2D screen, such as a phone or a tablet. Following the process, this allows them to showcase planned products in a compelling and easy-to-understand way, to design and realize compressed air systems through demos in augmented reality and finally to illustrate the commissioned real-world assets.