Intelligent Suite

ALM for RISE with SAP

Application Lifecycle Management Included in RISE with SAP

Customers of the RISE with SAP offering expect support for managing their solutions throughout the entire lifecycle – from implementation through operations to continuous improvements. This is included in the RISE with SAP subscriptions through SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions. All customers with SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions can access the new cloud-based application lifecycle management (ALM) solution, SAP Cloud ALM.

SAP Cloud ALM supports the adoption of a cloud-first strategy within our company.

Frederick-Claud Dimmer, Expert IT SAP Basis and Interfaces, KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA

SAP Cloud ALM helps customers:

  1. Accelerate time to value: It provides the working environment required to execute the SAP Activate methodology and to use best-practice business processes. It allows customers to consume best practice content, perform fit-to-standard workshops, and manage requirements. It supports users in controlling configuration activities and managing extensions. It enables customers to manage integration and acceptance tests, and to orchestrate consistent deployment to production. This can lead to faster implementation success and transition projects. Customers can perform quicker digitalization for a potential competitive advantage.
  2. Safeguard business continuity: Customers use the integrated monitoring capabilities with a focus on business processes, integration, users, and application aspects to receive alerts when KPI thresholds are exceeded. SAP Cloud ALM helps diagnose situations, trigger corrections if required, and automate operations if possible. This helps resolve problems quickly and proactively avoid disruptions.
  3. Reduce cost of ownership: Customers get rapid access to SAP Cloud ALM in the public cloud without operations and maintenance costs. There is no need to purchase any third-party ALM tools, and user onboarding can be simple. The streamlined ALM processes reduce efforts required for executing projects and for operating the customer solution. Transparency regarding the ALM activities helps avoid redundancies. SAP Cloud ALM also supports customers who do not have SAP S/4HANA Cloud as a stand-alone solution, but as integrated with, for example enhancements on SAP Business Technology Platform, components in SAP Business Network, or existing on-premise applications, by providing a central point of view on the end-to-end landscape.