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Ariba Network Buyer GA, SAP Concur Solutions (Beta Release)

Analytics Everywhere – Further Embedding Analytics in Ariba Network and SAP Concur Solutions

SAP’s goal is to embed the SAP Analytics Cloud solution in all SAP applications for a smooth experience. We are proud to announce that SAP Ariba Network now includes embedded analytics, enabled by SAP Analytics Cloud. This integration provides augmented analytics in the context of the business application. SAP Concur has also started a beta release for embedded analytics through SAP Analytics Cloud, which is focused on use cases for spend analysis and policy compliance. These integrations bring customers one step closer to having one analytics experience in SAP applications to be able to make better decisions directly from their line-of-business application. This supports SAP Business Technology Platform in enabling customers to become intelligent enterprises.

After having the opportunity to “test drive” UAC firsthand and exploring the many different capabilities and potential that the new product can offer, it is quite apparent that SAP Concur is looking toward the future in how customers synthesize and make meaningful decisions with their data. The new product will appeal to a much broader audience as it is much more intuitive and will be less intimidating to even the most non-technical end user.

Beta customer in the medical devices and pharmaceutical industry

Since April 2021, SAP Concur solutions have provided embedded analytics through SAP Analytics Cloud in a beta release to select customers for evaluation, focused on use cases for spend analysis and policy compliance.

The UAC performs great. All the menus, filters and options are spotted in the right place and it’s easy to find them. The system is very simple to navigate, very user friendly and intuitive—you just need a couple of clicks to display the information you need.

Beta customer in the technology sector about SAP Unified Analytics for SAP Concur solutions

First available in a limited release in Q4/2020 for Ariba Network customers, embedded SAP Analytics Cloud is now generally available for customers using Ariba Network.

A very valuable feature is that you can build a slide deck with simple steps, it will save time as you don´t need to sort the data on your slides.

Beta customer in the retail and restaurant industry