Help the World Run Better and Improve People’s Lives

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Maintaining the health or well-being of people around the world requires significantly different approaches, regionally or locally. Industrialized countries may have different priorities and concerns than developing countries but what they have in common is that IT can be used to leverage all of them.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Global Health

SAP cares deeply about delivering insights to help improve health and diagnose, treat, cure – and ultimately prevent – diseases. Alongside the We Are Family Foundation, we have offered support to young global leaders in assisting them in turning ideas into action. Together, we are helping the world run better by improving people's lives through technological innovations that promote good health.

With COVID-19 dominating much of 2020, addressing the health crisis together with customer, partners, and other organizations was a key focus. SAP helped its own leaders and employees navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic with health guidance and personalized support, a global flu vaccination campaign, and various “steps challenges” with up to 10,000 users raising donations for the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

In addition to establishing a €3 million COVID-19 Emergency Fund in 2020, SAP intensified its commitment earlier this year by adding another €3 million to support organizations on the front lines, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC Foundation.

Together with Deutsche Telekom and other partners, SAP developed the Corona Warn App for the German government in an open-source mode in just 50 days. The app helps to interrupt the chain of infections in view of the COVID-19 pandemic by warning potential contact persons who have been near an infected person. To ensure the public’s desire for privacy is met, it fulfills the requirements of being decentralized, voluntary, and unable to identify the user.

The development and distribution of an effective vaccine has been a top priority. In addition to helping Moderna manage its digital supply chain, SAP has launched the Vaccine Collaboration Hub (VCH) to help governments and organization successfully deploy mass vaccination programs. Built on the industry award-winning SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences, the platform covers the end-to-end process from manufacturing to controlled distribution to administration as well as post-vaccine monitoring.

Beyond COVID-19, SAP believes since many years that our long-term success as a company is the result of a healthy workplace culture. The BHCI measures the general cultural conditions that enable employees to stay healthy and maintain a sense of well-being.

We have invested in health and well-being programs and solutions to help employees run at their best. For instance, Cancer Care & Corporate Oncology Program for Employees (COPE), Employee Care Cycle for Mental Health, SAP Global Mindfulness Practice, and multiple physical activities help employees maintain balance and proactively protect personal health and performance. In 2021, SAP introduced Global Mental Health Day, an additional, fully-paid day off for all employees worldwide to focus on their mental well-being.

To support customers foster employee health, Qualtrics, Thrive Global, and SAP SuccessFactors partnered to launch the Thrive XM Index, a groundbreaking tool to measure how the employees’ experiences and their well-being directly connect to business performance. The purpose is to help companies identify their employees’ experience gaps across the moments that matter and consequently improve their employees’ health and well-being.

More than 270,000 people in the Netherlands suffer from dementia and this number is expected to double by 2040. With still no cure in sight, there is a great need for solutions that increase the patients’ quality of life. Technology has the potential to revolutionize care. Together with ProXcellence and the Dutch Alzheimer Association, a team of experts from the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour event created a prototype app that helps to tap into the past of people with dementia. By just clicking, swiping and – of course – talking, memories come to life.

It is estimated that every 40 seconds, somebody somewhere takes his own life. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been long since the topic of mental health has been regarded with the importance it deserves, and unfortunately, there are still stigmas and taboos surrounding this topic. Harris Logic is a long-standing leader of mental health services, trying to help break those taboos so that people don’t shy away from reaching out and trying to get the help they need. By combining their data from the last three decades with SAP technology, they are able to see population health-level trends and deliver data-driven crisis responses. This enables them to do precision-type, mental health assessments with a high rate of success in giving people the help they need at the right time.