The Power of Hyper-
Grow Your Business
Insights from 451 Research, part of
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Tap into new revenue streams by catering to the
individual expectations of each customer and
making every engagement trusted, connected,
friction free, and hyper-personalized
What does hyper-personalization look like?
Take personalization to a new level that’s built on a
data-driven foundation of real-time customer insights.
Use a comprehensive view of your customers’ data
to deliver timely, relevant engagements on their
preferred channels
. That’s the power of hyper-personalization.
Lost Sales When Customers
Experience Friction on Their Journey1
US$93.2 billion
In potential sales lost due to consumers not purchasing
an advertised product they were interested in because
too many steps were required to find the product or
service or to complete the transaction
US$79.7 billion
In potential sales lost due to consumers abandoning
an online shopping cart because of difficulties in
completing the purchase
Increased Sales by Turning
Insights into Action with
Hyper-Personalized Experiences1
US$90.1 billion
In sales influenced by the availability of
cross-channel buying options (for example,
buy online and pick up in store)
US$87.5 billion
In sales influenced by personalized offers that
resulted in consumers making a purchase they
did not otherwise intend to make
Putting hyper-personalization into action
Increasingly, customer experience leaders are
turning to next-generation customer data
to help boost revenue and uncover
opportunities by unlocking the power of
Data and context are in high demand as businesses zero in on
personalization and storytelling. To create these new, immersive
experiences, they will rely heavily on next-generation customer
data platforms . . . for personalized and frictionless cross-
channel interactions.”
Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director, Customer Experience and Commerce, 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence2