People to Work
Funded Education
Partner Program

This program is available through SAP education partners with
the goal to improve the living conditions of people worldwide through
publicly funded training and qualification.

Meet Andrew and explore why successful qualification for SAP software not only provides you with first-hand SAP software expertise, but it also gives you an advantage in finding employment.

The goal of the People to Work program, a program available through SAP education partners, is to improve the living conditions of people worldwide through publicly funded training and qualification as an SAP software consultant, developer, or end user.

As a global program, People to Work brings together various country-specific SAP training programs for jobseekers and implements new ones. Through its partners, SAP equips people with an SAP certification to facilitate their entry into the job market for the first time.

Digital transformation brings about progress, but it also changes jobs as we know them today and puts many people at risk for unemployment. SAP has set itself the goal of helping these people and counteracting the threat of rising unemployment at an early stage.


SAP certifies


unemployed worldwide annually.

Replacement rate



of the participants receive
a job after certification.

Human Impact

Bettina Maas

Bettina Maas, a former participant in a publicly funded training program for users and consultants at WBS Training AG, impressed and convinced the jury with her successful professional and personal development.

"My thirst for knowledge has been quenched and stimulated at the same time," says Bettina. Every hurdle, every supposed detour has led her to continue to educate herself and learn for life.

Today, Bettina is a successful SAP trainer and makes full use of her professional and personal potential with the assumption of leadership and responsibility.

Laudator: Gerhard Oswald, Consultant to SAP

Alexander Rahm

Prizewinner Alexander Rahm impresses with a career that shows how one can bring about the hoped-for turning point in life through initiative, and thereby achieve long-sought goals.

The motivation, the will, and the drive to pursue his personal interest in software development and architecture despite extreme circumstances have enabled Alexander to provide personal and professional training, with the help of SAP software user training at SRH. "I have built up know-how, discovered new talents, and developed personally," says Alexander.

Laudator: Natalie Lotzmann, Vice President

Francesca Dukagjini

The career of prizewinner Francesca Dukagjini is an impressive example of how personal and professional desires can be achieved through sheer will and energy.

As a participant in publicly funded training as an SAP software user at WBS Training AG, Francesca inspires other people to use a turning point as a second chance to improve life continuously.

"I look positively to a future full of possibilities and paths," says Francesca. Through continuing education on SAP software, Francesca has obtained the courage, strength, and professional skills to develop into a very capable, serviceoriented talent, with lots of creativity and team spirit.

Laudator: Cawa Younosi, SAP Germany, Head of HR

Rainer Oeffling

The transition from trainee to trainer has been made very successfully by prizewinner Rainer Oeffling. His SAP software training has enabled him to become a consultant at alfatraining and attain his "desired profession."

Today, he is a trainer with great professional know-how and didactic methodological qualifications for whom his profession is the source of an incredible amount of fun and joy. Training participants benefit from his extraordinary professional background, while positive feedback and recognition as a trainer are great incentives and motivation for Rainer in his daily work in knowledge transfer.

Laudator: Timo Schütte, Global Vice President Delivery Education, SAP Knowledge and Education

One of the most frequently cited successes of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations is the reduction of the number of people living in extreme poverty.

The People to Work program is intended to support this and, within the scope of its possibilities, contribute to the following five goals.


Countries in which the SAP program is currently active

South Korea Malaysia Singapore Germany Denmark Belgium France

Expansion of the program to
other countries is planned.

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