External Workforce Maturity Model
Dimensions of Success

Culture & Practices

  • Collaboration across relevant stakeholders in external workforce management.
  • Perception of external workers and their value to the business.
  • Identification of different “types” of external workers within the business and “fit for purpose.”
  • Integration of external workers into people and operational practices.

Worker Experiences

  • Measurement and active management of the total workforce experience within the organization.
  • Consideration of macro forces (industry, economic, legal, societal) that influence the external worker experience.



  • Use of technology in managing the external workforce.
  • Integrated systems across all parts of the business to source, manage, and engage the external workforce across the lifecycle.
  • Deployment of solutions and systems that enable integration of data and processes and facilitate collaboration between lines of business.

Visibility &
Business Impact

  • Leveraging insights into who the external workforce is, what they're doing, and how they’re contributing to the organization.
  • Assessment of the impact that external workers are having on the achievement of business results.


Stages of Maturity