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Enterprise AI Meets Intelligent Information
Turn data assets into business-enabling insight
Locked inside your many data assets is real business value. How well you can maximize that value determines whether you can compete – and win – in today’s market.

Technology can help. But do you have the right solutions to make the most of your data? And is that technology delivering the value you expect?
Advanced Technology: Help or Hype?
Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to pinpoint just the information you need, exactly when you need it. And information management solutions are designed to help you coordinate, govern, and understand your data – so you can extract meaningful business insights and deliver more efficient operations.

But few companies are using AI successfully. Instead of improving decision-making, data seems to limit many companies because of its complexity and sprawl.
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Of data science projects fail1
13 22 37 40 54 69 74 78 80 83 84
Of companies do not believe they are
getting the most from their data2
1. Eric Luellen, “Why Data Science Succeeds or Fails,” June 30, 2018.
2. “Data 2020: State of Big Data Study,” study conducted by Regina Corso Consulting, commissioned by SAP, August 2017.
How can you most effectively use your data assets to deliver an engaging, rewarding customer experience
so that your customers want to do business with you?
Make Your Data Work For You
Today’s customers expect hyperpersonalized experiences. They want you to understand their needs and desires at an individual level. To meet their expectations, you must:
Maximize the value of your data - by discovering hidden patterns and correlations for new insights and understanding
Implement machine learning and AI effectively – providing data that is fit for use and managing AI models as a data asset
Simplify and unify data – so the right information gets into the right hands, at the right time, and in the right context to make critical decisions
Unlocking data insights helps you deliver a better customer experience with new products, effective services, and more efficient operations – allowing you to disrupt the competition and seize greater market share.
How are leading companies beginning to use their data as a competitive weapon?
A Single, Comprehensive Approach to
Today’s Data Challenges

To benefit from data-driven business insights, you need a cohesive solution that unites enterprise AI and intelligent information management.
Enterprise AI helps you:
Manage the data regardless of where it is or what kind of data it is
Manage the development of machine learning models using the preferred tools of your data scientists
Manage the delivery of machine learning models by simply promoting them to the production and operations management cockpit
What is enterprise AI?
Intelligent information management helps you:
Discover and refine data, from structured, unstructured, and streaming sources
Compose, conduct, and orchestrate data across open source and proprietary engines using modular data pipelines
Govern data and comply with regulatory requirements while enabling data lineage, data cataloging, and metadata management
What is intelligent information management?
AI assembly line: Combining enterprise AI and intelligent information management helps you create the foundation for an AI assembly line. By allowing you to scale models in a production landscape, an AI assembly line significantly reduces the cost to develop and deploy machine learning while decreasing operational costs (see Figure 13).
The Foundation of the AI Assembly Line
Streaming data
Structured data
Unstructured data
Data hub orchestration
Agile data preparation
Machine learning
Deep learning
Deploy models
Monitor performance
Refine and enhance
Replace and retire
Automate business processes
Visualize and respond
Personalized interaction
Figure 13: Foundation of the Artificial Intelligence Assembly Line
Introducing SAP Data Intelligence
SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive service to deliver data-driven innovation and intelligence across the enterprise, unifying scalable enterprise AI and intelligent information management. You can connect data assets and transform them into critical business insights with capabilities such as machine learning as a service and data orchestration services.
Transform valuable data from any source into critical insight to drive better business outcomes.
Any disparate
data source
(structured, unstructured
Discover, access,
and prepare
Transform and
Deploy, scale,
and manage
Data-driven SAP and third-party applications
Enterprise AI
Machine learning development | Model deployment | Lifecycle Management
Connect | Extra value | Scale
Intelligent Information management
Data catalog | Data fabric | Data orchestration

Figure 14: Understanding SAP Data Intelligence
With SAP Data Intelligence, you can:
Extract value from distributed data
Learn how
Scale artifical intelligence
Learn how
Embrace open technologies
Learn how
Benefits to Your Business
Extract value from distributed data
By using SAP Data Intelligence, you can realize the following business benefits:
Gain new insights from high-value data
Reduce overall costs to create and deploy AI-enriched processes
Help ensure data is trusted and compliant with your enterprise data strategy
Build on a collaborative solution between data scientists and IT teams
The Power of Containers
Containers offer benefits in three primary areas:
Portability and rapid deployment
Learn how
Scalability and reduced total
cost of ownership
Learn how
Developer productivity and agility
Learn how
Keep the Tools Your Data Scientists Love
With SAP Data Intelligence, data scientists can work with familiar tools, including Jupyter, R, and Python. It’s the best way to help ensure that data scientists embrace the AI assembly line while helping IT understand what is being built.
When Should You Use SAP Data Intelligence?
SAP Data Intelligence is appropriate for companies at every stage of the enterprise AI and intelligent information management journey.
Consider using SAP Data Intelligence if you want to:
Innovate existing business processes with new data-driven insights
Deploy machine learning and deep learning into production usage
Begin experimenting with machine learning use cases
Gain a unified view and orchestrate across distributed data landscapes and tools
Deliver comprehensive information management across the enterprise

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