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Turn Data Chaos into Data Value
Turn data assets into business-enabling insight
Locked inside your distributed data assets is real business value. How well you can maximize that value determines your resiliency, profitability, and sustainability. Your data is located in many different applications using many types of processing engines.

Is your traditional data integration enough to enable you maximize the value of your data?
Enterprise Data Integration: Is it Enough?
The world is shifting to an interconnected, circular economy that requires all industries to be networked across the end-to-end supply and value chain. Companies need to apply advanced technologies with best practices to create an agile, integrated business process that is more resilient, profitable, and sustainable. The push to drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth requires that insights from all available data are integrated and embedded across every business process as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Today’s approaches to enterprise data integration are no longer sufficient to enable you to run at your best where you can operate profitably, adapt continuously, and make a difference in your industry. The requirements of data integration have stretched and moved beyond the traditional approaches that have worked so well in the past. These additional requirements are evolving traditional data integration to data orchestration.
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Of companies recognize that orchestrating data and processes is critical*
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Of companies find it challenging to connect big data to enterprise data and business processes*
How can you most effectively use your data assets to deliver an engaging, rewarding customer experience
so that your customers want to do business with you?
Make Your Data Work For You
Today’s customers expect hyperpersonalized experiences. They want you to understand their needs and desires at an individual level. To meet their expectations, you must:
Maximize the value of your data – by discovering hidden patterns and correlations for new insights and understanding
Operationalize and scale machine learning – providing data that is fit for use and ensuring machine learning can be scaled across the enterprise
Simplify and unify data – so the right information gets into the right hands, at the right time, and in the right context to make critical decisions
Unlocking data insights helps you deliver a better customer experience with new products, effective services, and more efficient operations – allowing you to disrupt the competition and seize greater market share.
Business Cases
Consumer Products
Public Sector
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A Single, Comprehensive Approach to
Today’s Data Challenges

To benefit from data-driven insights you need a cohesive solution that transforms distributed and complex data sprawls into data insights. You need to intelligently process your data, build trust in your data, and use hybrid data management to understand and manage all your data.
With intelligent data processing you can:
Discover and connect to any data, anywhere, and anyway you need
Integrate and orchestrate massive data volumes and streams at scale
Streamline, operationalize, and govern machine learning driven innovation
What is intelligent data processing?
Build trust in your data through:
Discovery and cataloging of distributed metadata, enabling a searchable data fabric
Profiling and enhancing your data in order to drive data value
Continuous monitoring to ensure robust data quality
How do you create trust in data?
Hybrid data management helps you:
Centrally manage and process data wherever it resides
Automate and reuse on-premise and cloud processing engines
Manage complex data types across distributed environments
What is hybrid data management?
Introducing SAP Data Intelligence
SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive data management solution that connects, discovers, enriches, and orchestrates disjointed data assets into actionable business insights at enterprise scale.
Transform valuable data from any source into critical insight to drive better business outcomes.
Any disparate
data source
(structured, unstructured
Discover, access,
and prepare
Transform and
Deploy, scale,
and manage
Data-driven SAP and third-party applications
Operationalize Machine Learning
Connect | Extra value | Scale
Data ops | Data catalog | Data fabric | Data orchestration

Figure: Understanding SAP Data Intelligence
With SAP Data Intelligence, you can:
Intelligently process data
Learn how
Build trust in your data
Learn how
Perform hybrid data management
Learn how
Benefits to Your Business
Extract value from distributed data
By using SAP Data Intelligence, you can realize the following business benefits:
Gain new insights from high-value data
Reduce overall costs to orchestrate multi-faceted data across complex landscapes
Help ensure data is trusted and compliant with your enterprise data strategy
Build on a collaborative solution between data architects, developers, and data stewards
The Power of Containers
Containers offer benefits in three primary areas:
Portability and rapid deployment
Learn how
Scalability and reduced total
cost of ownership
Learn how
Developer productivity and agility
Learn how
Open Platform Drives Productivity
SAP Data Intelligence runs on Kubernetes and uses containers that provide portability, scalability, and enhanced developer productivity. Data architects, data integrators, data stewards, data scientists, and developers can all work together on a single solution, leveraging the tools they love, orchestrated together on Kubernetes.
When Should You Use SAP Data Intelligence?
Consider using SAP Data Intelligence if you want to:
Innovate existing business processes with new data-driven insights
Gain a unified view and orchestrate across distributed data landscapes and tools
Deliver complex data integration projects across disparate data sources
Begin experimenting with machine learning use cases
Deploy machine learning into production usage
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