Delivering Exceptional Experiences with Intelligent Content Management

Businesses must make sense of staggering volumes of data and harness structured and unstructured content generated in silos to deliver exceptional experiences for customers, employees, and beyond. This requires intelligent technology to integrate processes, automate tasks, and improve operational efficiency and agility – and turn insight into action. Here’s how intelligent content management solutions from SAP can help.

SAP® Intelligent Enterprise Framework

Intelligent Content Management Solutions from SAP

*SAP offers these applications as
solution extensions from OpenText.

Leverage data and content to make better decisions and take action faster

Eliminate information silos to increase agility

Enable hyperefficiencies that free up valuable resources

Lower compliance risk

Reduce cost and total cost of ownership

Optimize the omnichannel customer experience

Unlock business value hidden in your digital content

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Return on investment1
$2 $3 $6 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16
In benefits (PV)2
1 3 5 6 9 10 11 12
Net present value3
0 1 2 3 4 5 6
To pay back4
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Enterprise Content Management

Leverage comprehensive, integrated enterprise content management solutions to drive simpler, secure, compliant, and intelligent business processes
Improving customer, employee, product, and brand experiences requires intelligent operations. And SAP can help with intelligent content management solutions that run with the SAP® Extended Enterprise Content Management (SAP Extended ECM) application by OpenText, which covers everything from document and records management to information retrieval and collaboration by connecting e-mails, documents, and other content to core business processes. These solutions integrate unstructured content with your business processes so you can leverage intelligent technologies – including machine learning and automation – to gain a 360-degree view of information and run intelligent business processes that help you to deliver exceptional experiences for customers, workers, and beyond.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use SAP Extended ECM as the foundation for comprehensive intelligent content management that solves real business problems:
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Drive Intelligent Innovation Using
SAP Business Technology Platform

Just as Intelligent ERP is the data foundation for the intelligent suite, SAP Extended ECM is the content foundation for Intelligent ERP, enabling you to connect all enterprise content across all intelligent suite applications. For example, it enables you to:
Have a complete customer record that’s enhanced by the inclusion of customer e-mails, offers, quotes, contracts, and other unstructured information.
Create a 360-degree employee record by aggregating all HR documents, such as compensation letters, certifications, licenses, I-9s, reviews, and more – and make them easily accessible from one central location.
Optimize financial processes with intelligent invoice management, which uses machine learning to capture invoices from various channels such as paper, e-mails, fax, EDI, and XML.
Retire costly legacy systems used for compliance by keeping track of all transactions with associated content, such as invoices, linked directly to the payments.
Archive data to reduce the size of databases and make applications run faster.

Run swiftly with a real-time, information-driven, digital business framework

*SAP offers these applications as
solution extensions from OpenText.
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Synchronize with
Suppliers in Real Time

Build strong supplier relationships with a 360-degree view of all supplier information and make it available at your fingertips. With ECM solutions from SAP, you can capture all incoming supplier content – including invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, and e-mails – and store it in a content repository. This repository includes a portal of active content and a secure archive for inactive historical content. You can also reduce the amount of time that procurement functions spend on error-prone information handoffs by establishing a single, comprehensive source-to-procure process that optimizes internal and external processes.

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Intelligently Control and Manage Information Assets

An intelligent enterprise protects its valuable data by embedding compliance with the latest government and industry regulations in a digital platform. SAP Extended ECM helps you intelligently retain and archive personal information – or delete and destroy it – while supporting the data access and portability requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar regional regulations. The central workspace stores all information and attachments related to each customer or employee so you can easily check for consistency if you make changes to personal information and data.

Deploy content management on premise or in the cloud

Rely on secure, compliant information governance

Manage metadata consistently across applications

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Harness Digital Twins and Machine Learning

Opening doors to the world of intelligent technologies, SAP Extended ECM helps you design digital twins of your assets, which you can connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) and its electronics, applications, and sensors. This can help you raise enterprise visibility, slash operating costs, and institute a proactive maintenance strategy that helps reduce the number of accidental outages and decrease scheduled downtime. Integration of SAP Extended ECM with the SAP Asset Information Workbench application by Utopia lets you use predesigned workflows to link asset-related documents with the right asset master data.

Design digital twins of processes and services as input to machine learning algorithms

Pull together all sources of data on your assets, including the machines themselves

Capitalize on IoT technologies for assistance and feedback

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Invoice Management

Enable hyperproductivity through intelligent automation

With the SAP Invoice Management application by OpenText, you can automate routing, approval, and payment processes with your entire supplier and partner network. The application helps speed and simplify accounts payable operations and provides timely access to critical accounts payable information – for example, by replacing traditional multistep, multitouch invoice processing with automation that starts with intelligent information extraction. The SAP Information Capture Core application by OpenText provides OCR support for SAP Invoice Management, allowing for straight-through processing without human intervention. With this option, you can capture and classify invoices and route them to the appropriate people and processes.

Get real-time invoice payment information

Take advantage of early-payment discounts

Increase cash flow

Reduce invoice processing time and costs

Mitigate compliance risks

Automate the transfer of data from paper invoices or e-mail attachments to SAP software

Support straight-through processing without human intervention

Capture and classify invoices

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Omnichannel Communications and Digital Asset Management

Reinforce brand loyalty with every customer contact

Accessing and delivering the right content at the right time and in the right channel is critical to providing customers with immediate access to relevant information, up-sell and cross-sell offers, short wait times, differentiated service, and more. Equally important, customers need – and expect – consistency in information, branding, and messaging within and across channels. Enterprise content management solutions from SAP make this possible. Consider the following, for example.
The SAP Document Presentment application by OpenText – deployed with SAP Extended ECM – provides personalized and targeted communications. It also puts complete customer data and communication history at the fingertips of service and sales representatives, partners, and suppliers.
The SAP Digital Asset Management solution by OpenText enables an omnichannel customer experience with a consistent brand and story that customers want to tell their customers at each point of interaction. It streamlines the marketing process for creating, using, and retiring digital assets.

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HR Document Management

Transform the employee experience by maximizing employee engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction

Want to improve the employee experience? Help your employees be more productive and engaged with HR document management solutions from SAP. Now they can use their smartphones, tablets, and other devices to easily find, access, update, and share HRrelated documents – all while meeting internal and industry standards for records management and security. At the same time, with applications such as SAP SuccessFactors® Document Management Core by OpenText, you can provide employees with simplified, intuitive HR self-services that scale to any size workforce – for example, by deploying a secure HR portal that is integrated with the SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM application by OpenText, which lets employees manage their own information.

Create and maintain a complete digital record of employees on premise or in the cloud

Enforce HR policies with online reviews and approvals and automatic records compliance

Speed and simplify the production, storage, and retrieval of paper and digital documentation

Enhance collaboration with digital workspaces that centralize project information

Accelerate business execution by speeding the delivery of information to employees

Eliminate time-consuming, paper-based employee processes

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