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With customer expectations at an all-time high, Professional Services companies face tremendous challenges. For example, how can you quickly develop quality bids and proposals to deliver for your clients?

Businesses must embrace digital innovation to thrive – joining together data silos to show the bigger picture and improve decision making. SAP technologies turbo charge your digital transformation and add the Next Generation Business Process into the bargain. These digitally enabled, real-time, end-to-end capabilities will drive new economic value – for your customers and your employees.

The state
of play

Currently, it can take days or even weeks to create a client proposal. Staff have to manually research former bids to dig out proven approaches, which slows the process to a crawl. The final bid also contains a significant amount of guesswork, rather than using previous successes found within similar engagements.

3 weeks

1 | Partner meets client and gets request for a proposal

2 | Later, partner meets with engagement managers to scope bid

3 | Team begins to manually research previous projects and develop the bid

4 | Multiple versions are developed, reviewed and tweaked

5 | Project manager reviews bid with partner, who makes changes

6 | After weeks of effort and multiple version edits, a final proposal is generated

7 | Partner presents the bid, and hopes to win despite the delayed response

The Next Generation
Business Process

With the Next Generation Business Process, intelligent bid management is now a reality.

  • Leverage Machine Learning to probe your previous bids with SAP CoPilot to find similar work, and use prior experience to create a new proposal in hours, not days
  • Distribute work to remote and virtual locations instantly using SAP technologies to accelerate client deliverables
  • Utilize machine learning to continually optimize staff assignments across your network with each new project

1-2 days

1 | Partner meets client and gets request for a proposal

2 | Partner leverages SAP and finds a similar bid including resources and skills required

3 | Proposal is quickly created and shared with customer within hours

4 | Resources are found via optimized machine learning staffed across the virtual network

5 | Work is distributed to remote/virtual workforce who immediately begin executing showing results to the customer

The Next Generation
Business Process

Starting the bid process early

Paul, the client services manager, has lunch with the CEO of his Life Sciences client and learns of the need for a digital transformation for their logistics business. Pauls' firm specializes in this type of work, and he tells the CEO that he will do the research and get back to him the next day with a proposal. He grabs his smart phone and fires up SAP CoPilot to start searching for previously successful bids. Using the conversational UI, he talks to his phone, "show me Digital Transformation projects for logistics in the life sciences industry".

bid building

Paul calls Dave, his top delivery manager to brief him. Dave can jump right on it, and leverage SAP CoPilot to perform a search leveraging machine learning from SAP Leonardo. He can quickly find all previous projects that involved digital transformation and logistics, taking into account profitability, timeliness and budget. Now Dave knows how to write the bid to maximize success for both his company and the client’s.

Plan effectively
with true resource transparency

When Rita, the resource manager, receives a CoPilot notification from Dave, she can see the need for immediate resource availability, as well as the skills necessary for the project. She can book the right internal resources and pass the skill requirements into SAP Fieldglass to search external candidates. This list of proposed resources can be sent over to Dave for inclusion on Dave’s proposal to the client.

The power to
clinch the deal

With a final proposal from Dave, Paul can meet at his client’s office for the CEO to review. The detailed proposal including the resumés of the staff who will be working on the project, and when they can get started. The CEO is so happy, he agrees on the spot and the digital transformation can begin just one week later.

Delivering value to your business

  • Respond to client requests faster than your customers ever thought possible
  • Maximize the profitability of every project, from the bid stage through to delivery
  • Employ the experience you have built across hundreds of projects with ease
  • Automate and optimize your internal resources and wider talent network

Making it all happen...

Key SAP solutions underpinning this next generation business process:

  • SAP S/4 HANA

    Tightly integrated business processes supporting engagement planning with enterprise resource planning (ERP)

  • Leonardo for Machine Learning

    Leonardo Machine Learning Service (with engagement template models) plus Leonardo Machine Learning Service (Conversational Experience, supported by SAP Co-Pilot) to simplify ordering.

  • SAP CoPilot

    SAP CoPilot contextualizes, analyzes, and uses informal and unstructured speech to execute actions and present users with required output.

  • SAP Cloud Platform

    Innovation platform to run IoT, Analytics and Machine Learning scenarios.

  • SAP Fieldglass

    Cloud-based Vendor Management System to manage services procurement and external workforce management programs.

How to engage with Leonardo


One Day Design Thinking Workshop

Design & Prototype

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  • Functional Prototype
  • Value Assessment
  • Scenario Design & Architecture


Additional Leonardo services to deploy, scale up and pursue additional use cases

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