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The SAP Co-Innovation Labs (COIL) is a global location network supporting project-based solution co-innovation with SAP partners and customers with a uniques set of services supporting the full lifecylcle of solution delivery from ideation to go-to-market support.

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Based on more than 10 years of experience, the COIL methodology guides and accompanies co-innovation with a set of tailored services required for a successful co-innovation engagement:

  • Legal Framework - Both Partners as well as SAP are keen to protect their respective intellectual property brought into a co-innovation engagement. COIL's legal framework represents a proven contractual base for all required IP and other legal aspects.
  • Architecture advice - Both in the Ideation Phase as well as the solution implementation Phase, our team of experts provides all necessary advice on the required solution architecture with regards to the required SAP platform and product components.
  • Knowledge transfer & brokering - The required SAP technical & solution know how is provided by our own expert team tapping into our vast expertise network in SAP's product organization.
  • System landscapes - Developing a solution prototype is supported by a tailored, isolated project system landscape provisioned from our own computing centers (on-premise) as well as from SAP's cloud sites.
  • Showcasing and Go-To-Market - COIL will help showcasing the co-innovation results locally as well as globally. COIL will also help with connecting the partner with relevant field and go-to-market units.

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