Our Impact:
How SAP Social Sabbatical helps the world run better and improves lives

The SAP Social Sabbatical initiative is a portfolio of pro bono volunteering programs where highly diverse teams of SAP employees solve strategic challenges of nonprofits and social enterprises focused on bridging the digital divide.

Photo: Anthony Jakubiak, Social Sabbatical participant

The programs are designed to achieve two equally important objectives:

  • Solve concrete business challenges of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises focused on bridging the digital divide in different markets across the globe, help them run at their best, and support them to maximize their social impact.
  • Challenge and develop SAP leaders and talent to understand the global consequences of our rapidly digitized world, embrace the idea of life-long learning, and be role models for living our vision and purpose.

To reach these goals, our employees are placed in highly diverse teams to dedicate their skills, expertise, and know-how in unique, short-term assignments focused on driving simplicity and customer success while strengthening their leadership competencies, cross-industry sector know-how, and intercultural sensitivity. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn our vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives into action.

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