Getting to know the SAP Social Sabbatical

The SAP Social Sabbatical is an award-winning portfolio of global pro bono consulting programs that pairs talented SAP professionals with social sector organizations focused on digital literacy, workforce development & entrepreneurship to run at their best.

SAP Social Sabbatical Portfolio

Global Engagement

1 month immersive assignment in emerging markets for key talents

Regional Engagement

2 week intensive assignment within a particular region

Local Engagement

2 week experience for employees to assist non profits in their local markets

Executive Engagement

2 week assignment in unknown markets for Executives

SAP employees are placed in highly diverse teams with the opportunity to dedicate their professional skills and expertise to organizations that need them most in a unique, short-term assignment. While doing so, they will strengthen their leadership competencies, cultural awareness, and gain a stronger understanding of emerging markets and the social sector.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for employees to turn SAP's vision of ‘helping the world run better and improving people's lives’ into action.


For further information on SAP Social Sabbatical and media opportunities contact:

SAP Social Sabbatical Team