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Getting to know the SAP Social Sabbatical

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organization at SAP leads the way in putting our purpose of "helping the world run better and improve people’s lives" into action. Together with our employees, partners, and the help of our technology, our efforts focus on "powering opportunity through digital inclusion." We work with social enterprise and non-profit partners that are experts in delivering quality education and workforce readiness initiatives to accelerate our commitments to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically, #4 – Quality Education and #8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.

“We know that our contribution is just one tiny drop,” admits Alexandra van der Ploeg, head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at SAP. “We want to connect the core competency, the core assets of different companies, multiply the impact that we have with each other, to really drive effective change.”

Through authentic partnerships, their incubators and intermediaries, the SAP ecosystem is in a unique position to significantly influence social enterprises for the long term.

Key statistics: Social Sabbatical Portfolio 2012-2019

The SAP Social Sabbatical

SAP Social Sabbatical is an award-winning CSR portfolio designed to both utilize and develop talent at SAP, while helping non-profits and social enterprises focused on digital inclusion to run at their best. SAP employees are placed in highly diverse teams to dedicate their skills, expertise, and know-how in a unique, short-term assignment. The assignment achieves triple impact: solving concrete strategic challenges for client organizations, developing leadership skills of participants, and advancing SAP as an employer of choice. Starting with the flagship program in 2012, CSR at SAP has partnered with PYXERA Global to expand the Social Sabbatical to a portfolio of programs all across the globe. In total, 1257 employees have partnered with 414 non-profits and social enterprises in 49 countries. This program offers SAP employees at all levels of the company a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn the vision at SAP to "help the world run better and improve people's lives" into action.

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SAP Social Sabbatical at a glance

SAP Social Sabbatical for global engagement

A unique international volunteering assignment for our key talents, which takes place in 10 different emerging and fast-growing markets over four weeks.


SAP Social Sabbatical for local engagement

A high-impact volunteering offering for our employees to solve concrete business challenges for nonprofits in their local markets.


SAP Social Sabbatical for executive engagement

An intensive, two-week volunteering assignment for our executives in an unknown emerging or fast-growing market.


SAP Social Sabbatical for regional engagement

An intensive, two-week volunteering assignment to address key challenges in a location within a particular region.

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