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Governments Face Unique Challenges

Governments serve a broad diversity of citizens, each with its unique characteristics and needs. They are also highly complex organizations that often take in multiple industry sectors - health, education and transportation for example - all with their own particular operating requirements.

At the same time, governments face a rapidly changing world with many unique challenges. Tax revenue, and therefore funding, rises and falls, depending on the state of the economy. Policy and legislation are constantly changing.

Because of the way government departments and agencies have grown up, information is very often fragmented among different agencies and departments, making it difficult to get an overall view of situations and operations. It's also highly sensitive, particularly in areas like healthcare and social services.

Workforces and infrastructure are geographically distributed. If information is not available to workers in the field, productivity is compromised.

In this e-book we examine how mobile solutions developed by SAP can help you overcome these unique challenges, improving its efficiency, effectiveness, and service delivery.


Highly Complex Organizations

Social services

Economic development


Public health

Public safety





See how SAP helps all organizations within the public sector meet the challenges they face.


Key Trends
Facing Governments

Agility and innovation are imperative

A number of trends are shaping the governmental landscape. At a time when governments face relentless budget pressure while striving to serve citizens and stakeholders better, it is imperative to simplify, innovate, and transform.

Environment and infrastructure
Over the past few years, quite rightly, environmental sustainability has become a key consideration. Governments must be proactive in looking at how they can reduce the environmental impact of towns and cities. In many parts of the world, congestion has become a major problem. In others, the continuing growth in citizen consumption is putting a strain on aging infrastructures.


Global mobile-cellular penetration rate

Source: "The World in 2013: ICT Facts and Figures", International Telecommunication Union, February 2013


Changing demographics
With the advances in healthcare and medicine many countries are seeing life expectancy increase dramatically, resulting in an aging population and an increasing demand for social and healthcare services. In emerging regions, the opposite is happening, with an explosion in the youth population. And everywhere, governments have to cope with crime and security issues.

Fiscal pressure
In the past few years, concerns about persistent public debt have placed governments under unprecedented fiscal pressure. Weak or nonexistent economic growth has resulted in governmental budgets being constrained, while underemployment has resulted in a plunging tax base. In addition, the cost of energy, labor, materials, and services is becoming unsustainable.

Technology developments
While these trends have been evolving, technology has been revolutionizing how people relate to each other. With information freely available on the Internet, citizens are more informed than ever before, which is driving increased expectations about the quality of service they receive. Mobile is now the preferred platform for communication and interaction, and there is a growing reliance on social networking for information and services.

People over 60 will outnumber children aged 0-14 by 2050

Source: Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat (2009). World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision, Highlights (Table A10), United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division, 2009.


Governments Rise to the Challenge

Empowering stakeholders with mobile solutions

Successful governments recognize the huge increase in the use of mobile technologies. They understand how a secure mobile platform and mobile apps can be used to address the challenges they face and interact more effectively with all their stakeholders:


  • Deliver personalized services directly 24x7
  • Involve citizens as contributors and partners
  • Improve services and satisfaction
  • Govern proactively and preventively


  • Deliver services 24x7
  • Partner to create new products and services
  • Help businesses secure a safe and productive workforce


  • Recruit and retain satisfied professionals
  • Streamline operations
  • Eliminate data and communication silos
  • Automate critical activities and business processes


  • Monitor performance and services in real time
  • Responsibly secure and manage public funds
  • Manage an agile and responsive government
  • Spend more time with constituents


Of public sector stakeholders see positive changes in government-citizen relationships thanks to mobile solutions1

1. "Enterprise Mobility: Transforming Public Service and Citizen Engagement," Center for Digital Government, 2014 (based on a research survey of 450 total respondents from Australia, India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States on the topic of enterprise mobility).

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Improving Your Organization with Mobile Technologies

Improving constituent interaction

Mobile technologies can help you connect with citizens, deliver services, and run government anytime, anywhere, making it more agile, flexible, and responsive to constituent needs, fiscal pressure, and policy changes.

Citizen engagement

Empower constituents to receive services and interact with government in real time:

  • Receive personalized offers
  • Participate in decisions
  • Manage cases, claims, and requests
  • Pay taxes, services, and permits securely

Business partnerships

Help businesses to thrive and contribute more to the community:

  • Manage permits and licenses
  • Pay taxes, services, and permits securely
  • Receive training and education
  • Perform self-inspections and reviews

"We've developed a network of partners that will allow us to send them, in a geo-localized and real-time fashion, information and offers. By understanding their behavior, we can better serve them, and that's really the whole idea."

Pierre Bourbonniere, Director of Marketing, Société de Transport de Montreal, Canada


Improving Your Organization with Mobile Technologies

Improving decisions and processes

Core operations

Empower employees and officials with real-time information and productivity tools:

  • Manage facilities and infrastructure
  • Maintain equipment
  • Perform operator rounds
  • Manage parts, tools, and material

Public services

Deliver more responsive and efficient public services:

  • Manage cases
  • Conduct surveys and inspections
  • Issue citations
  • Educate students

"Everyone in the field across every department could receive assignments and submit reports without having to travel back to the office. And with information submitted just once, fewer input mistakes will occur, which will reduce staff time further. The accurate data collection over time will also lead to improved business intelligence that management can analyze for ways to enhance our services."

Carl Dorrington, ICT Infrastructure Officer, Dorset County Council

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Improving Your Organization with Mobile Technologies

Virtualize, accelerate and transform

Citizen engagement

  • Shorten processing times
  • Increase involvement in policy and budget decisions
  • Provide 24x7 access to services
  • Heighten the sense of impact on community and policies
  • Improve family health, education, and well-being

Business partnerships

  • Shorten permit, approval, and licensing times
  • Improve access to talent
  • Expand access to community markets
  • Reduce operating costs, improve profitability, and increase tax contribution

Core operations

  • Foresee or prevent infrastructure failures
  • Maintain a state of readiness
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Optimize parts, tools, and materials
  • Access constituents' data anytime, anywhere

Public services

  • Shorten citizen service financial collection cycles
  • Respond quickly to calls and events
  • Manage cases more efficiently
  • Provide faster, well-informed responses to emerging issues
  • Launch new services more effectively
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Creating an Integrated Ecosystem

Powered and connected by mobile processes

Traditional government is linear; tax and other funds flow in one end and are turned into services that are delivered to constituents. Citizen visibility into the workings of government is minimal, and opinions are solicited occasionally, if at all. This linear flow relies heavily on manual communications and processes and is littered with silos of information.


By investing in enterprise mobility, you can transform the traditional value chain into one that is more inclusive and better suited to citizens' needs.

Mobile communication between employees, partners, and constituents happens in real time, accelerating responses and reducing the risk of process failures.

Employees and officials have 360-degree visibility of the entire value chain, allowing them to make better decisions, deliver improved services, and respond more rapidly and appropriately to situations and trends.

In the new ecosystem, citizens can be involved more proactively, leading to greater awareness of the role of government and increased satisfaction.









Benefits for the Whole Community

Delivering measurable value

Expectations for mobile technologies are high and growing, because governments recognize the huge potential to transform how they operate. Today, significant benefits are already being achieved in four key areas.

Community awareness and citizen engagement – Two-way, real-time communication is creating an entirely new experience for citizens. Forward thinking governments are already capitalizing on this to collect and disseminate vital information that improves services and outcomes.

Transportation – Real-time tracking and information about incidents, weather, and travel times reduce congestion. Add this to automatic payment for everything from tolls to parking and bus and train tickets. All of these combine to deliver a better travel experience.


Of respondents envision better public safety and emergency response performance2


"With this application we have every bit of information we need, and our decision making is totally transparent. All the parameters that are required for better government, transparency, efficiency, decision making, and correct decisions are all covered with this application."

Naresh A Zurmure IFS, Additional Municipal Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation, India

2. Source: "Enterprise Mobility: Transforming Public Service and Citizen Engagement," Center for Digital Government, 2014.


Benefits for the Whole Community

Delivering measurable value

Public safety – Providing police and law enforcement agencies and social services departments with real-time information at the point of need improves decision making and responses to situations. Similarly, the provision of accurate, up-to-date information to mobile employees not only increases productivity, it also improves workforce safety.

Public health – Delivering case information to mobile health workers aids decision making in the field and allows care services to be delivered anywhere they are needed. Devices that remotely monitor patient health enable chronically ill people to be treated in their own environment and kept out of hospitals. More convenient access to advice and information allows patients to better manage their own health.

500 million

Smartphone users worldwide will be using a health care application by 20153

3. "Medical Devices: Mobile Medical Applications," U.S. Food and Drug Administration, October 22, 2013.


"During one of this winter's storms that hit New York City and the surrounding counties, we sent one million SMS messages in 15 minutes, along with 388,000 phone calls and 4 million e-mails. The system never hiccupped."

Kevin Ross, Assistant Director for Technology, New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services


Self-Service Mobile Apps for Constituents

Improving engagement and interaction

Mobile technologies have the power to positively alter the relationships between citizens, businesses, and government. Throughout governments there are hundreds of processes and communications that can benefit from enterprise mobility.

SAP® solutions in this area include:

CitizenInsight mobile app – Provide citizens with financial and performance information that helps them understand how their tax money and fees are being invested for the benefit of the community. More >

SAP Precision Marketing solution – Interpret citizen behavior based on current and past history, profile, location, and context; send targeted offers, products, information, and personalized recommendations. More >

SAP Mobile Consumer Payments solution – Make it easy for citizens to store their preferred payment instruments and use them to purchase services, pay bills, and more.


"We can now proactively see bus performance and act on the information to make sure buses remain on time as much as possible. We've also been able to make the overall system more efficient, which means we don't have to employ as many buses."

Bob Goody, Manager of Transportation Operations, City of Ottawa's Transit Services Division (OC Transpo)


Mobile Apps for Public Services

Keeping your community thriving

The services you offer your community are diverse and, in many cases, complex. Yet they all have to be delivered with the highest degree of professionalism.

An SAP solution in this area includes:

SAP CRM Service Manager mobile app – Allows you to respond to citizen service requests, run inspection and audit routes, and inspect, maintain, and repair equipment, infrastructure, and service facilities owned by other (external) agencies. The result is:

  • Increased productivity through streamlining communications and eliminating paperwork
  • Improved response and decision-making in the field
  • Real-time visibility into work status, technician location and financial performance
  • Better customer satisfaction by improving first-time resolution and helping to ensure compliance with service-level agreements
  • Lower cost by reducing administrative overhead and nonproductive work times

Mobile Apps for Core Operations

Keeping you running efficiently

At the heart of government are the essential processes that keep the administration and infrastructure running. Mobile technologies help to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes, reducing costs and enabling organizations to do more with less.

SAP solutions in this area include:

SAP Work Manager mobile app – Improve asset performance, as well as workforce productivity and safety, by inspecting, maintaining, and repairing your equipment, facilities and network more effectively. More >

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile app – Allows employees to view equipment, facility, and network components and work instructions with 3D visualization; eliminate inaccuracies, improve worker safety, and reduce repair times as a result. More >

SAP Rounds Manager mobile app – Take measurement points, conduct operator rounds, and perform network inspections to detect and prevent outages, reduce safety incidents, and ensure regulatory compliance. More >

SAP Inventory Manager mobile app – Manage supplies, equipment, parts, and tools; perform cycle counts; receive, transfer, issue, and adjust items; and pick and handle items more effectively, reducing inventory held and stocking costs. More >


"We can capture what's being picked up and capture what's being delivered electronically on a mobile device and eliminate paperwork and manual data entry, which results in cost savings and more money to provide more food to people."

Kevin Lutz, Senior Vice President of Technology, Feeding America


Mobile Apps for Field Support

Keeping the mobile workforce productive

Whether they are officials engaging with citizens out of the office, case workers visiting citizens, engineers repairing infrastructure, or employees working from home, your field staff operate more productively and safely with help from mobile technologies.

SAP solutions in this area include:

SAP BusinessObjects™ Mobile mobile app – Provide decision makers at all levels with the information and analytics tools they need to track and manage operational performance and identify trends, risks, and opportunities for improving services. More >

SAP Fiori™ apps – Allow managers to authorize requisitions, orders, contracts and leave and travel requests on the move, freeing them from their desks, shortening processing times, accelerating decision making, and enabling them to focus more attention on critical activities. More >


SAP EHS Safety Issue mobile app – Enable employees to quickly and easily report safety issues as soon as they are detected, actively engaging employees in improving safety and reducing operational risks, injuries, and environmental incidents. More >

No mobile workforce management system is complete without scheduling and dispatching. Free the logistical management of maintenance teams and their resources from the back office with applications such as SAP Multiresource Scheduling and SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization by ClickSoftware.


Built on the Broadest Platform

Time to unwire your organization

Clearly, mobile technologies can transform how you operates and engages with its constituents. However, adopting a piecemeal approach to public sector enterprise mobility ultimately ends up in disjointed systems, duplication of effort, and increased overheads.

SAP provides an integrated platform for adopting mobile technologies that can cover all your needs.

Secure mobile device management
The SAP Mobile Secure portfolio centralizes and simplifies the administration, management, and deployment of mobile content, apps, and devices, including user-owned phones and tablets. With these solutions you can be confident that data is completely safe outside the office. More >


A robust development platform
Our SAP Mobile Platform is a trusted and scalable way to rapidly design cost-effective apps that constituents and employees will love. It allows you to use a common set of tools throughout your organization and can connect securely to almost any back-end source system, protecting your existing IT investments. More >

Innovative apps
Together with our partners, we offer an ever-expanding range of mobile apps - some of which we have highlighted in this e-book – that can help public sector organizations. Plus, they're easy to assess and purchase through SAP Store,where you can see demonstrations and try them out for yourself.

Deploy your way
In addition to providing a market-leading platform, we've developed a whole range of implementation solutions, including cloud, on-premise and rapid-deployment options, allowing you to adopt mobile solutions quickly, in the way that is most appropriate for you.


SAP Store
View all the applications that are available to help public sector organizations.


Getting Started

Beginning your transformation journey

As you can see, there are many opportunities to transform all the citizen, business, and employee experiences in your organization with mobile technologies. And, as a global leader in mobile solutions, SAP can assist you. We're here to answer your questions and help you devise and implement a successful mobile strategy.


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