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Installing SAP HANA 2.0, express edition (Virtual Machine Method)


Installing SAP HANA 2.0, express edition (Virtual Machine Method)

By JCurrie27

Installing the VM image is the simplest SAP HANA 2.0, express edition setup for compatible Windows, OS X, and Linux machines. This method installs a prepackaged express edition appliance running on a SUSE Linux VM guest.

You will learn

How to download the VM image of SAP HANA 2.0, express edition, install the image on your laptop, and get started.


SAP HANA, express edition is officially supported on SLES. SAP Community members have been successful in running SAP HANA, express edition on other Linux operating systems that are not formally supported by SAP, such as Ubuntu, openSUSE and Fedora. SAP is not committing to resolving any issues that may arise from running SAP HANA, express edition on these platforms.


Pre-Installation Info: Before you Begin

Important Changes in SAP HANA 2.0, express edition

  • The instance number has changed from 00 to 90.
  • Tenant database (HXE) is deactivated on startup to save system resources.

What is the Virtual Machine Installation Method?

The SAP HANA 2.0, express edition VM package is platform-independent; you can install it to a Windows, OS X, or Linux machine, provided your host machine meets the storage and memory prerequisites. Choose this installation method if you want the simplest setup.

The Virtual Machine method installs:

  • A VM running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications 12 SP1.

  • An SAP HANA 2.0, express edition instance on the VM, preconfigured and ready to start.

For troubleshooting information, see SAP HANA, express edition Troubleshooting.

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Pre-Installation Info: Requirements

Machine Requirements

Check if your machine has the recommended hardware to successfully install and run the SAP HANA 2.0, express edition VM image.


  • Java Runtime Environment 8 - The Download Manager requires Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (JRE 8) or higher.

    Note: If you are planning to use the SAP HANA, express edition Download Manager for Windows or Linux, you need the 64-bit JRE. If you are planning to use the platform-independent Download Manager, you can use either the 32- or 64-bit JRE.


  • RAM -

    • Server plus applications virtual machine: 16 GB RAM minimum. 24 GB RAM recommended.
    • Server-only virtual machine: 8 GB RAM minimum. (If you add additional components, or run heavy processing loads, you will need to increase your RAM.)
  • HDD - 120 GB HDD recommended.

  • Cores - 2 cores (4 recommended).

  • Hardware Virtualization - (Intel processors only) For Intel processors, virtualization is a BIOS setting known as either Intel Virtualization Technology or Intel VT. Go to Determine If Your Processor Supports Intel Virtualization Technology to determine if your processor is capable of supporting virtualization. If virtualization is turned off on your virtualization-capable machine, consult documentation from your machine vendor on how to enable virtualization technology (or Intel VT) in the BIOS.

Supported Hypervisors

Install a supported hypervisor on your machine if you don’t have one already. Hypervisors are software products used for creating and running virtual machines.
SAP HANA 2.0, express edition has been tested on these hypervisors:

This tutorial uses VMware Player.

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Step 1: Install a Hypervisor

Install a Hypervisor

VMware Player is a hypervisor compatible with SAP HANA 2.0, express edition. You can install any supported hypervisor, but examples in this tutorial use VMware Player.

  1. Download VMware Player from and run the installer.

  2. Ensure you’re downloading the correct version for your machine.

  3. Register when prompted and follow the setup instructions.

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Step 2: Download the VM Package

Download the VM Package using the Download Manager

Register and then use the Download Manager to download a server-only virtual machine package, or a server + applications virtual machine package. Applications include XS Advanced (XSA), Web IDE, SAP HANA Cockpit, and SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer.

  1. Go to the registration page at

    (Alternately, you can go to the SAP HANA, express edition launch page at and click the Register and download SAP HANA, express edition download manager link.)

    The registration page opens.

  2. Complete the registration form and click the Register button.

    Note: If you have an SAP login, click the Login icon at the top of the page to populate the registration form automatically.

    Registration Page

    The Registration Success page displays. (You will also receive an email indicating successful registration.)

  3. Under 1A. ON-PREMISE INSTALLATION, click the download manager that matches your system: Linux or Windows.

    If you have a Mac, or another type of machine, click Platform-independent for a platform-independent download manager.

    Registration Success page
  4. Save the download manager file to your laptop and open it.

    If your system displays a security warning when you open the file, ignore the warning.

    Windows Warning

    Note: If you are inside a corporate firewall, you will be prompted for your proxy settings. Contact your IT administrator.

  5. In Download Manager, in the Image pull-down, select Virtual Machine.

    Download Manager
  6. Click Browse and select a directory where your downloads will be saved.

  7. Select one or more of the following packages:

    • Getting Started with SAP HANA, express edition (Virtual Machine Method) - Selected by default. Downloads this document.

    • Server only virtual machine - Downloads hxe.ova; the server plus Application Function Library (AFL).

    • Server + applications virtual machine - Downloads hxexsa.ova; the server plus XS Advanced, Web IDE, and SAP HANA Cockpit.

      Note: Although this package will run on a 16 GB machine, SAP recommends 24 GB of RAM for optimum performance using the full suite of developer applications.

    • Clients - Downloads which contains four compressed client packages. Use the client packages to access developed SAP HANA, express edition applications from a client PC. See How to Install the SAP HANA, express edition Clients. See How to Install SAP HANA 2.0, express edition Clients.

      • hdb_client_linux.tgz - Reduced HANA client for Linux 64 bit. Contains the HANA client package, drivers, and required licenses.

      • - Reduced HANA client for Windows 64 bit. Contains the HANA client package, drivers, and required licenses.

      • - Command-line tools for Linux that enable access to (and control of) the SAP HANA XS advanced run-time environment.

      • - Command-line tools for Windows that enable access to (and control of) the SAP HANA XS advanced run-time environment.

    Tip: After you develop an application using SAP HANA, express edition, install Download Manager to a client machine and download the clients only to that client machine. You can then use the clients to connect to – and test – your HANA application, emulating a customer.

    • Text analysis files for additional languages - Downloads additional_lang.tgz. For languages other than English and German, this package is required for the HANA Text Analysis function. (The text analysis files for English and German are already included in the Server only virtual machine and Server + applications virtual machine packages.) For the text analysis files installation procedure, see Start Using SAP HANA 2.0, express edition.

    • SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer - This optional package is only valid on server + application virtual machine. File name is eadesigner.tgz. SAP EA Designer lets you capture, analyze, and present your organization’s landscapes, strategies, requirements, processes, data, and other artifacts in a shared environment.

    • SAP Smart Data Streaming option - Downloads sds.tgz, which contains SAP HANA smart data streaming.

    • SAP Smart Data Streaming studio plug-in - Downloads, which contains an Eclipse plugin for creating and deploying smart data streaming projects.

    • SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE) - This optional package is only valid on server + application virtual machine. The download file name is shine.tgz. SHINE makes it easy to learn how to build applications on SAP HANA Extended Application Services Advanced Model (XSA).

  8. Click the Download button.

    Your download is complete when a pop-up message appears confirming successful download. Make sure you wait for this message before accessing the downloaded files.

    Download complete
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Step 3: Import the OVA

Import the OVA into VMWare Player

Import the downloaded Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file (either hxe.ova or hxexsa.ova) into your hypervisor to begin using SAP HANA 2.0, express edition.

  1. Start VMware Player and select Open a Virtual Machine.

    VMWare Player
  2. Browse to the OVA file you downloaded and click Open. The Import Virtual Machine dialog box displays.

  3. Accept the defaults and click Import. The VM imports. The import process takes approximately 5 minutes for hxe.ova, and 5-10 minutes for hxexsa.ova.

  4. Power on your VM.

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