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Create a multi-tenant container database in `HANAExpress`

By Daniel Wroblewski

Provide simple instructions for a user to create a multitenant database in `HANAExpress`. SAP HANA systems with multitenant database containers can contain multiple tenant databases.

How-To Details

Provides instruction on how to create a multitenant container database in HANAExpress and how to connect and verify the new database.

  1. Connect to HANA, express edition using SYSTEM user and create a multitenant container database:

    % hdbsql -i 00 -n localhost:30013 -u SYSTEM -p <SYSTEM user password> "CREATE DATABASE MTDB1 SYSTEM USER PASSWORD <password>"

    This will take about 1 min, result will be similar to:

    image 1
  2. Verify the new multitenant container database is accessible:

% hdbsql -i 00 -n localhost:30013 -u SYSTEM -p <SYSTEM user password> "select * from "PUBLIC"."M_DATABASES""

image 1

  1. Verify that you can connect to the database using a HANA client tool such as HANA Studio. To do so, select the Add System command in HANA Studio:image 1image 1

    View from HANA Plugin for Eclipse after adding “MTDB1”:

    image 1

Next Steps

Updated 02/18/2018

Time to Complete

5 Min.




  • Setup: HANA, express edition must be running.
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