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SAP HANA is a complete database and application development platform; it combines an ACID-compliant database with high-speed analytics, application services and flexible data-acquisition tools.

New to SAP HANA?

Why should you choose SAP HANA? Here are a few examples of the powerful solutions you can create with a cloud-based, in-memory platform.

Bring your own language and micro-services

Starting with SAP HANA SPS 11, XS Advanced will be delivered with and fully support both Apache TomEE Java and Google V8 JavaScript/Node.js. As well you are able to enjoy enhanced micro-services that allow for single services to target different runtime versions in parallel.

Data analysis with Apache Hadoop

To speed-up Hadoop data analysis, SAP HANA SPS 11 includes a new SAP Vora connector. SAP Vora is the new in-memory query engine for Apache Spark and Hadoop that adds business context to analysis by combining enterprise and Hadoop data.

Text analytics

With SAP HANA platform, you can gain real insights from your unstructured textual data. The platform provides search, text analysis, and text mining functionality for unstructured text sources.

SAP HANA streaming analytics

Streaming analytics adds high-performance event stream processing and complex event processing (CEP) to the SAP HANA platform, making it easy for developers to incorporate smart stream capture and active event monitoring, alerting and event-driven response to their HANA applications.


Store, process and visualize geo data within SAP HANA. You can also perform operations like distance calculations and determine union and intersection of multiple objects. In addition, you can integrate geo-data with other structure and unstructured data.

Predictive analytics

Embed data mining predictive scenarios into your apps. Choose from over 20 different algorithms including association analysis, clustering for grouping, classification including regression, time series for forecasting, detection of outliers, and data preparation.


Leverage SAP HANA in-memory speed and multimodal analytics easily via Hibernate ORM (relational) and Hibernate OGM (NoSQL). Capabilities include support for advanced multimodal data processing such as text and spatial via Hibernate dialects; abstraction layer for key/value, document store and Graph; and XML mapping. Start building new applications on SAP HANA – less code as Hibernate does the O/R mapping.

Under the hood: SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a complete database and application development platform.

The architecture provides for complex query processing, coupled with application components to work side-by-side in an in-memory environment. Additionally, it allows you to build real-time applications to meet complex software and architectural requirements.

Summary matrix

SAP HANA Platform Capabilities  
Storage Model In-memory, column-oriented, ACID based, ANSI SQL compliant
Server-Side Programming JavaScript, SQLScript, R integration server side
Virtual Data Sources Hadoop, SAP IQ, SQLAnywhere, other
Spatial Processing Geospatial data based on open standards: OGC, ISO SQL/MM and GeoJSON
Rules Processing Create business rules that perform complex expressions and interact with multiple tables 
Text Search Search and advanced fuzzy search, column-based and binary files (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office)
Text Analytics Advanced natural language processing capabilities: segmentation, stemming, tagging, and sentiment analysis supporting numerous languages 
Stream Analytics  Real-time ingestion, analysis and capture of event streams and messages
Interfaces SQL, MDX, JDBC, ODBC, HTTP, OData (XML, JSON)
Security Authorization, secure communications, encryption, auditing, and application service security
Deployment Cloud-based (AWS, Azure, Private Cloud), On-Premise
Size 16/32/64GB Developer Editions, GB/TB/PB Production Edition, Smart Data Access

Try it now

Get free access to SAP HANA for development to explore, learn, build, consume, test and demo your SAP HANA application

Choose one of the options to develop with SAP HANA 

SAP HANA, express edition

Download your and run SAP HANA express edition on your laptop, server or in your cloud.  Available for free up to 32GB of RAM for development and productive use.

SAP HANA, express edition is available as binary installer and as virtual machine image to get you started quickly.

SAP HANA, services in the cloud

Consume SAP HANA based services and APIs available for trial and production use.

Build and include SAP HANA services into your application, no installation necessary and pay per use.

Text Analysis:

SAP Cloud Platform

Get your free trial instance of SAP HANA and use it to build your first apps and test the platform on the SAP global cloud network. The instance uses a shared server, with a variable number of cores and provides 1 GB storage.
Completely free for developer use only.

SAP HANA, developer edition

Create your developer edition environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure cloud. The instance offered range from 32 to 64GB RAM.
Use the Pricing Calculator to determine the cost of running your SAP HANA, developer edition in the cloud.
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