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Image of two scientists in a rainforest, representing SAP sustainability solutions

Circular economy solutions

Build a regenerative business, manage material flows, and embed circularity into core business processes.​

Transform business and value chains for a circular economy with SAP solutions

Eliminate waste, optimise resource use, and innovate regenerative business models to build transparent and sustainable supply chains. Together, we can enable a future with zero waste.

Eliminate waste and pollution

Identify problematic products and materials, enabling your business to switch to more sustainable solutions. 

Circulate materials and keep products in use

Circulate products and materials at their highest value by validating material provenance from origin to fate, opening new markets, and enabling new business models. 

Regenerate natural systems

Empower business decision makers with insight on land-use impact and the strategies to support the regeneration of nature. 

Eliminate. Circulate. Regenerate.

Hear from Stephen Jamieson, Global Head of Circular Economy Solutions at SAP, how SAP Responsible Design and Production can help your business transition to more sustainable products and packaging. The solution provides intelligence that allows you to monitor, measure, and act, so you can eliminate waste, circulate materials, and regenerate natural systems. 

Featured circular economy solutions to build a regenerative business

Implement comprehensive value chain transparency and extend sustainability initiatives – from raw materials sourcing to last-mile logistics and product returns and recycling – improving the environment, your business, and people's lives.

Sustainable product design

Optimise material choices by calculating extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations, plastic taxes, and corporate commitments.

  • Calculate fees and taxes accurately and implement measures to reduce regulatory costs
  • Identify the right trade-offs and simplify the strategic portfolio decision-making process
  • Transition to a circular product portfolio and deliver on zero-waste commitments

See how our customers are succeeding with circular economy software from SAP

Supporting sustainable fishing in local communities

See how Royal Greenland makes fishing faster and simpler by digitalising catch reporting processes to support local fishermen and sustainable fishing.

Partnering to automate quality control and reduce fruit loss

Learn how Dole is working with SAP S/4HANA partner Clarifruit to achieve zero fruit loss by 2025 by improving its quality control processes for fresh produce.

Deploying next-gen factory intelligence

Discover how Arpa created a future-ready factory that’s enabling product quality innovations and greener manufacturing processes. 

Easing tax compliance and green impact

Learn how Henkel is committed to leadership in plastics reduction and offering greener options for customers using SAP Responsible Design and Production.

More circular economy solutions to help build a sustainable business

Streamline product compliance and mitigate risk

Manage regulatory and sustainability requirements, track registrations and substance volumes, classify products, create compliance documents, and package, transport, and store hazardous materials properly with accurate labelling.

Full transparency for ethical sourcing

Empower your agribusiness company to recycle more by connecting smallholder farmers to your agriculture supply chain and get full transparency into the source of your raw materials.

Material traceablity and supply chain visibility

Leverage blockchain technology to capture the complete material provenance from raw material to finished product, and share information efficiently and securely.

Closely monitor waste generation

Manage your environmental impact, and enable a compliant and transparent waste disposal process.

Product lifecycle management

Enable faster and better decisions to meet highly variable and individualised customer requirements for sustainable resource management and product compliance.

Returns management

Maximise margins on returns, protect your brand, drive carbon-friendly return options, and reduce the amount of goods that end up in landfills.

Returnable packaging

Facilitate circular logistic flows for containers, pallets, and other packaging by integrating multiple back-end systems and enabling collaboration with partners.

Strategic sourcing

Discover qualified suppliers, speed up sourcing cycles, and create agreements for sustainable sourcing savings.

Closing raw material loops

Optimise the management of waste collection, recycling, and environmental service contracts with a view to closing circular raw material loops with dedicated industry processes.

Reduce food and goods waste

Use the replenishment planning add-on to lessen costs and waste through effective and efficient replenishment of goods, and getting the right products to the right store at the right time.

Supplier transparency

Enable complete, auditable ‘n’ level supplier transparency in your supply chain. Track interesting facts linked to your raw materials supplies such as deforestation-free agricultural crops and more.

Intelligent agriculture

With data science and machine learning capabilities, you can harness the power of
your data to optimise plan-to-harvest processes. 

Plastics recycling and the circular economy

Have you taken responsibility for your plastics?

Discover how insights on material flow and traceability help firms avoid waste, extend periods of use, and recover and regenerate materials. Listen as Sebastian Steinhaeuser, SAP and Raakhee Mirchandani, Dow Jones, discuss what’s needed to embark on a sustainable business transformation. 

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Institutional Partners

SAP works closely with globally recognised institutions to set sustainability standards that help our customers stay at the forefront of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics. 

Partnering for Regenerative Business

SAP is a partner in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s network to deliver circular economy solutions led by regenerative business with customers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and partners.

Reducing plastic waste in Ghana with WEF Plastic Partnership

Multi-stakeholder collaboration plus IT helps the Ghanaian government and manufacturers reduce waste, increase recycling while help plastic pickers in Ghana earn more. 

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