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Put your deployment of SAP Customer Experience solutions on the path to success from day one

Manage every phase of your project – from planning and implementation to operations – confidently with SAP Customer Experience Services offerings.

  • Collaborate with your in-house team and implementation partner extensively
  • Improve project quality from start to finish
  • Enforce best practices and lower project risk
  • Use services individually or as packages, and combine them with project priming methodologies

Why SAP Customer Experience Services?

Reenergise your customer experience strategy

Improve the customer experience of your brand by identifying and overcoming operational obstacles, reviewing processes, and uncovering innovative solutions.

Choose service quality first

Review and validate critical project areas, so you can proactively apply best practices and resolve complexities throughout your transformation journey.

Be empowered with expertise and best practices

Access tailored workshops and optimisation services for topics such as solution architecture, integration and data migration, and solution-specific methods.

Get guidance – from start to finish

Receive dedicated support from experienced professionals throughout your entire project to transfer knowledge and skills to your team quickly.

Explore our services

Gain peace of mind – from project planning to operation – by using the broad portfolio of services offered by SAP Customer Experience Services.

Services for SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • Drive market-differentiating innovation with first-party consumer data
  • Get expert advice on key technical aspects throughout your project
  • Follow implementation best practices
  • Mitigate risk by reviewing project and technical plans

Services for SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Access end-to-end guidance, collaborative review, and validation
  • Improve project quality with collaborative offerings
  • Gain deep technical, functional, and integration expertise
  • Boost digital capabilities faster for less cost and risk

Services for SAP Sales Cloud

  • Plan, lead, and expand your project implementation with experts
  • Deploy solutions quickly with quick-start services
  • Enhance architecture design or lead-to-cash transformation
  • Mitigate risk by reviewing and safeguarding design plans

Services for SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Address your project needs at all stages of its lifecycle
  • Let experts lead your project from start to go-live and beyond
  • Obtain guidance for complex functional and technical topics
  • Safeguard plans, validate quality, and mitigate risks

Services for SAP Service Cloud

  • Master complex technical, functional, and integration topics
  • Refine your solution strategy with proven advice
  • Deliver experience management projects, quickly and effectively
  • Apply foundational knowledge and technical principles

Services for Experience Management solutions from SAP

  • Optimise experience management
  • Visualise and act on the experience gap
  • Leverage deployment services to connect experience and operational data

Maximise the value of SAP Customer Experience solutions

CX Works: The single portal that leads to a wealth of expert-tested SAP Customer Experience knowledge

Whether you're launching a new implementation, integrating additional solutions, or hoping to gain even more value from an existing deployment, access CX Works – a complete source of field-tested, SAP-verified expertise – all in one intuitive Web portal.

Get the most from our solution portfolio with bite-sized video enablement

Access guided learning paths, easily digestible microlearning videos, and in-depth expert knowledge about our solutions. 

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

Building a road map to next-generation ERP

Discover how Styria Media Group is keeping up with advances in media technology through a move to next-generation ERP and SAP Customer Experience solutions. See how expert support from SAP is helping the company set a clear path for future advances in information dissemination. 

Acquiring growth and security while offering personalised experiences

Learn how FranklinCovey harnessed SAP Customer Data Cloud to satisfy data protection regulations worldwide while providing its extensive customer base with one-of-a-kind Web experiences. 

65% of digital revenue from mobile app within 5 months

Learn how Casey’s streamlined its online ordering platform, introduced a mobile app, and created a new loyalty program so it can truly focus on guests, better understand their needs, and deliver experiences that exceed those needs.  

1.2 million records migrated

Countdown turned to SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions and SAP Customer Experience Services as a trusted advisor to guide the implementation of more robust and unified processes and improve the overall experience for its customers. 

Creating an inspiring online platform experience

.See how SAP Customer Experience enabled DAIMANI to establish an omni-channel platform for the global customer base that streamlined and automated their processes

Digitising our marketing foundation

SAP runs SAP: Learn how SAP marketers employ digital tactics and streamlined processes with SAP Marketing Cloud to drive demand at scale. 

Find a path in uncertain times

Stay relevant in a volatile business environment with SAP Commerce Cloud

Learn how SAP Commerce Cloud helps organisations stay relevant in a changing business landscape by moving their on-premise digital commerce platforms to the cloud.

Make an investment in CX and give customers the freedom to choose you

In this SAPPHIRE NOW Converge Customer Experience presentation, learn why – as the future of business evolves – the need to continually meet customer expectations with relevant, timely, and personal experiences remains consistent. 

Relying on eCommerce and SAP Customer Experience Services in challenging times

The pandemic has accelerated electronic commerce in Latin America. Yáneken, a Chilean retail company, shares its digitisation strategy which helped them maintain operational continuity and direct relationships with their customers.

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Learn how – much like running a restaurant – you can structure your software education teams to foster agile content development.

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Is running agile content development for software adoption a piece of cake?

Follow a proven recipe developed by SAP Customer Experience learning content development experts.

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SAP Asia

Successful e-commerce platforms amid COVID-19

Discover how adopting cloud and agile methodologies may allow businesses to survive, and even thrive, during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Director, SAP LAC

COVID-19 e-commerce trends and troubles

Address e-commerce challenges with services designed for e-commerce performance testing and recalibrate your platform to withstand the increased traffic.

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