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SAP SQL Anywhere System Requirements

View technical documentation and learn to implement, manage, and configure SAP SQL Anywhere.

Spatial data

Learn how to use new features to generate and analyse spatial data.

Migration of custom applications

Migrate custom applications from third-party databases to SAP databases with the SAP Advanced SQL Migration tool. 

Deployment Options

Private cloud

Select the right cloud option for your business so you can run and manage cloud services for internal users behind your firewall.

Public cloud (SaaS)

Consume software as a service (SaaS) and benefit from end-to-end services, including security handling and updates.

Hybrid landscape

Combine cloud offerings from SAP with your on-premise solutions.


MobiLink and remote data sync client administration

Use the synchronisation server in SAP SQL Anywhere, special client software, or a remote data sync option from SAP HANA.


Server programming

Learn how to build and deploy database applications using standard programming languages or various programming interfaces.

Technology reference guides

Explore SAP SQL Anywhere, MobiLink, and UltraLite and how to use them in your IT environment.

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