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SAP S/4HANA Features

Harness the power of in-memory computing to streamline and integrate processes across your organisation with our next-generation ERP solution.


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Enhance financial planning and analysis

Accelerate planning cycles, increase profitability, and make finance functions more efficient. You can also run on-the-fly financial analysis at any level of granularity and support ad hoc simulations of organisational changes or new business models directly within your ERP system.

Simplify accounting and financial close processes

Combine financial and management accounting and profitability data into a single universal journal, for a single source of truth.  You can close the books in real time, improve compliance and control, and reduce closing effort, while running drilling down on reports by any dimension.

Improve treasury and financial risk processes

Integrate cash flows, transactions, commodity positions, and market data, and accurately forecast cash flow, manage liquidity, and mitigate risk. In addition, full-view and real-time analysis, audit trails, and compliance reporting help you optimise straight-through processing. 

Support collaborative finance operations

Automate receivables and payables processing and streamline shared services delivery. You can improve working capital and financial health with real-time data to assess customer credit risk, streamline billing, resolve disputes, and prioritize customer collections to reduce days sales outstanding.

Manage enterprise risk and compliance effectively

Integrate and automate risk, compliance, and international trade activities to proactively minimise risk and compliance violations and detect, investigate, and deter fraud. In this way, you can optimise business operations, protect assets, and improve financial performance. 

Digital Supply Chain

Research and Development

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Improve project control and product development

Manage, translate, and integrate customer-driven innovations to optimise project efficiency and deliver high-quality projects on time and within scope. You can enhance quality by defining all design requirements and constraints while maintaining rigorous design standards. 

Manage enterprise projects effectively

Invest in the right projects by aligning your project portfolio with enterprise strategy. You can identify the projects that can generate the most business value and manage the resources, schedule, and financial performance for each project phase, from initiation through closure.

Streamline product lifecycle management

Simplify and accelerate the transition of engineering master data into manufacturing production data. You can develop recipes and formulas rapidly, reuse existing ingredients, and design packaging and labelling in a single, high-performance environment.

Speed up product engineering processes

Accelerate time to market through efficient BOM management, including the specification of work centre details and listing of required production resources and tools. In addition, you can develop closed-loop inspection planning to comply with industry standards such as ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9000. 

Sourcing and Procurement

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Gain in-depth purchasing insights

Acquire extensive, real-time information on purchasing spend by analysing purchase orders, purchase requisitions, invoices, and contracts. You can also evaluate supplier performance in real time with access to data, including on-time delivery, price, and quantity accuracy.

Streamline operational purchasing

Enable employees to purchase goods and services directly, following purchasing policies and pricing agreements and using preferred suppliers. Users can bundle demands, automate sourcing and order processing, and make approval and release procedures easier.

Automate sourcing and contract management processes

Collect, assign, analyse, and access all sourcing information in one system and support automated and manual processes for creating and managing service contracts, source lists, purchase information records, quotations, and requests for quotations. 

Gain an in-depth view of your supply chain

Improve supply chain visibility to find the optimal mix of suppliers that will best serve your business objectives and reduce overall supply risk. You can also classify and segment your suppliers using multiple criteria to identify and pinpoint the right supply chain partners for your organisation.

Simplify procurement processes

Consolidate requisitioning to reduce costs by establishing one central approval workflow instead of multiple approvals in each back-end system. In addition, you can increase catalogue usage by offering a single, convenient access point across all available catalogs.

Manage commodity procurement effectively

Support commodity procurement and help create commodity contracts based on market quotes. You can automate price calculations, streamline invoicing, and extend ERP functionality to automate commodity-based contractual pricing and enable provisional, differential, and final invoicing.

Additional Features

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Functions for managing SAP S/4HANA

Configure your solution, test your business processes, migrate data, view the solution scope, and access learning content. 

Data aging

With the data aging feature, you can manage the lifecycle of current and historical data. 

Manage teams and responsibilities

Manage team members associated with certain functions, and map their responsibilities to an activity type in a workflow scenario. 

Business event handling

Business event handling enables applications, partners, and customers to consume events related to all S/4HANA business objects. 

Extensibility cockpit

You can view extensible objects that correspond with a business context by selecting an edition, solution scope, and one or more scope items. 

Digital assistance

With the SAP CoPilot, users can exchange real-time information with co-workers and directly include business or application data. 

Legal content management

Legal content management enables customers to manage all cross application processes related to the creation and governance of legal content.


Define, manage, and leverage consistent KPIs across all your business functions, create and manage reports, run analytical queries, and build predictive models.

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