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Intelligent Enterprises Are Integrated Enterprises

SAP’s Cloud Integration 2021 Highlights

Our holistic integration approach has already yielded measurable outcomes, proving that we are on the right path forward.

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Lead to cash

Cover the entire business process, from initial contact with a prospective customer to order fulfilment and service delivery, driving revenue opportunity and optimising the experience along the entire customer journey.

Top transformative business outcomes to date

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Design to operate

Encompass the entire lifecycle ranging from design to planning, manufacturing, delivery, and operations. Leverage the interoperable and modular framework of SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions to run a resilient and sustainable supply chain.

Top transformative business outcomes to date

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Source to pay

Optimise, simplify, and effectively manage all spend processes and spend categories to drive business outcomes – facilitating the transition from digital to autonomous procurement with lower TCO and leveraging the collective intelligence and network effect of the marketplace.

Top transformative business outcomes to date

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Recruit to retire

Understand, manage, and optimise all aspects of your workforce (employees and external workers) in line with business objectives and with clear financial impact –facilitating an exceptional workforce experience and business transformation.

Top transformative business outcomes to date

Integrated across all landscapes

SAP’s integration approach goes far beyond technical integration of applications: holistic integration of data, technology, and business processes delivers significant value to your business. It accelerates the speed of innovation, lowers the efforts for integration, shortens time to value, reduces the complexity of operations, and allows for real-time insight. Our integrated intelligent suite connects your supply and demand chain to deliver an integrated, intelligent process experience.

Suite qualities

Intelligent, integrated enterprises offer a consistent experience along end-to-end key processes. In 2020, SAP introduced distinct suite qualities that characterize our intelligent suite of seamlessly integrated applications.

SAP Business Technology Platform

As the underlying technology for the suite qualities, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) integrates your processes and data, as well as SAP, partner, and third-party applications. You can build new applications or extend your SAP applications, transform your data into value, and drive desired business outcomes. SAP Integration Suite is part of SAP BTP and the technology connecting end-to-end processes for an intelligent enterprise, while enabling you to harmonise on-premise, cloud, and third-party application landscapes.

Many of the SAP BTP services that are now available with the SAP BTP free tier model allow customers to test and explore platform services for integration, extension, data, and analytics use cases, with an easy path to productive use.

Mobile experience

SAP’s new mobile experience powerfully integrates and extends user experiences and workflows. Mobile-based interactions are the single most influential factor in customer adoption and satisfaction and industry projections (25% CAGR).* This means that the amount of information available to improve processes will triple by 2025. 

* Source: Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2021

In a world where mobile app proliferation consumes our always-connected lives, SAP Mobile Start provides you with an intuitive, personalised platform from which you can launch your business-relevant experiences.

SAP Mobile Start will support us in our mission to become a digital champion by offering our employees the best possible user experience. It will help us access software like SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors solutions using a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Key 2021 deliverables

In 2021, we made tremendous progress in delivering integration scenarios to
help our customers move closer to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

2022 outlook: Business process outlook highlights

Building on the strong foundation for an integrated intelligent suite laid out to date, we are extending our integration scope for 2022, focusing on flexible and composable processes, hybrid integrations, extensibility, identity management, eventing, data access, and more.

Your success is our mission. SAP, together with our ecosystem of partners, is here to guide you through your transformation journey.

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