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Image of SAP HANA software running on a computer monitor
High-performance in-memory database that provides advanced analytics on multimodel data, on premise and in the cloud

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SAP HANA Cloud provides on-demand access to SAP HANA with the latest capabilities for configuring an instance of SAP HANA online and expanding memory size seamlessly without interruption.

  • Select simple packaging for all features and services included in a singular database solution
  • Pay for services you use with elastic scale.
  • Pay through subscription, Enterprise Agreement, or Pay-As-You-Go model
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SAP HANA Enterprise Edition

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The enterprise edition is an unrestricted platform for supporting  innovation efforts and the use of SAP applications in modern hybrid environments.

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SAP HANA Runtime Edition

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The runtime edition offers a restricted platform, which is  exclusively designed to run SAP applications with limited use of advanced features.

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