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SAP Sales Cloud,

starter edition


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SAP Sales Cloud,

standard edition


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SAP Sales Cloud,

professional edition


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SAP Sales Cloud,

enterprise edition

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Users No minimum Minimum of 5 users Minimum of 5 users Minimum of 5 users
Minimum term 3 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Data privacy management
Customise and personalise SAP Sales Cloud  
Project team support for configuration  
Integration with existing ERP system    
Integration APIs * **  
Empower and automate your salesforce efforts
Account and contacts, persons
Lead and opportunity management
Activity management
Visit management  
Route planning and execution    
Territory management*  
Groupware integration (client side)  
Deal finder      
Influencer map      
Leverage powerful analytics and dashboards
Sales analytics
Sales forecasting
Sales target planning  
Sell anywhere – mobility
iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows
Offline support  
Intelligent sales with machine learning      
Deal intelligence      
Lead intelligence      
Manage pricing and offers*  
Price and discount lists  
Quotation management  
Collaboration and feeds
Service tickets    
Gain customer insight and business visibility      
Installed base      
Industry options      
SAP Service Cloud***      
SAP solution integration compatibility    
SAP Cloud Applications Studio (SDK)    
SAP JAM Collaboration    
SAP Cloud for Customer, server-side integration****      
Purchasable integration    
SAP Sales and Service Cloud, private edition    
SAP Cloud Platform extensions    
SAP Signature Management by DocuSign    
SAP Sales Cloud, imaging intelligence add-on      

* For the standard edition, standalone configuration or integration with SAP Business One is permitted.

** Integration requires at least one test tenant.

*** SAP Sales Cloud, enterprise edition offers native sales and service functionality in SAP Cloud for Customer.

**** Not offered from China data centre(s), due to local regulations.

Disclaimer: SAP retains the right to change, at any time in its sole discretion, SAP Sales Cloud (without materially diminishing the functionality during a subscription term), this features list, and/or the location of the data centre(s) from which the cloud service is hosted. Pricing information shown is subject to change without notice and should not be considered an offer by SAP or its affiliates.

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