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New Features

View highlights from the latest SAP Analytics Cloud release.
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Collaboration is now even more user friendly with usability enhancements. When a story is opened, comment mode is on by default. The data point comment indicator in a table is now a wedge at the top right of the data cell. Widget and data-point comment indicator numbers have been replaced with a comment icon.

Data Integration

Build more complex queries with S/4HANA with a new dedicated S/4HANA cloud driver for acquiring data based on the OData Web API. This allows you to access S/4HANA-specific filter operators and build more complex queries. Enhanced viewing options in modeler - view the timeline of all jobs that were run for a model as well as share access with your colleagues within the same tenant - share SFSF, OData, BW, and BigQuery connections along with the credentials entered by the owner.


You can now choose different assignees from the distribution dimension. With this new feature, assignees can be quickly and easily changed during the input task itself making the process a lot more user friendly.Populate private versions based on filters and You can now populate your private versions based on filters, to focus on the content and optimise performance.

Get the information you need, when you need it

Answer complicated questions in just a few clicks. With SAP Analytics Cloud you can blend data from different sources, create compelling data visualisations, run ad hoc reporting, and more.
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Get the full picture by connecting to on premise and cloud data sources across all lines of business, with either Live or Import Data connections.


Clean and model your data with first-class data wrangling functionality built right in to the application. Machine learning helps to enhance your data even faster by suggesting transformations and automating workflows.


Business reporting has never been the same. Create dynamic visual stories based on your key business areas. Interact with visualisations and drill down for more detailed information.

Make better decisions, faster

Get automatic insights at any level of detail, from a single data point to an entire model using Smart Assist features powered by Predictive Analytics.
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Smart Discovery

Automatically discover the main business drivers behind your core KPIs.

Smart Insights

Reveal hidden insights and develop a clear understanding of your business data.

Smart Transformations

Enhance your data quickly with intuitive suggestions during data preparation and automation of repetitive workflows.

Smart Grouping

Automatically segment your data based on parameters that you specify.

Plan for what’s next

Integrated planning empowers you to make the best end-to-end plan possible for your business. With SAP Analytics Cloud you'll simplify FP&A with the ability to plan and forecast in real time, and more.
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Create and modify versions of your planning models for data-driven budgeting, forecasting, and analysis, all in the cloud.


Align plans across all areas of your business with collaboration tools, and set unique permissions to control access to your secure data.


Use machine learning to perform predictive forecasting using visual guidance, and explore results through intuitive charts and natural language.

Experience the future with SAP Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom transforms the modern boardroom experience with a unique and engaging user experience that invites leaders to interact with insights for better outcomes. Simulate the impact of decisions to financials and operations, and make decisions with confidence.
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Full view of operations

Get a 360° view across all LOBs and operations and visualise insights in-context across large touchscreen displays to maximise impact.

Improve decisions

Improve decisions by accessing accurate information, answering ad hoc queries, and analysing alternatives and implications

Simplify process

Simplify the boardroom process by reducing preparation time and offline topics – and use collaboration tools to leverage expert knowledge

Product Roadmap

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