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Brand Impact Features

Assess brand exposure in video and images automatically with advanced computer vision techniques, whether you’re a media agency, broadcaster, or brand.

Product Capabilities

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Event Analysis

  • Browse media files or search for specific events by specific properties
  • Access your analysed media with one click
  • Multi-select events when exporting reports

Interactive Analytics Dashboard

  • Interact with a personalised media pane
  • Use interactive timelines or advanced filtering to sort by brand and context
  • Uncover insights by playing with filters and scrolling time-associated panes

Brand Metrics and Reporting

  • Apply detailed metrics such as size and time for the respective brand
  • Chart time-based brand exposure and combined quality of exposure metric
  • Export analytics reports as a visual image or as a .csv file (time annotated data) for improved interoperability

Heat Maps and Diagrams

  • View a heat map of areas of frequent detection of a brand asset
  • Diagram a summary of brand logo detection sizes across a specific timeline

Editor-Specific Features

  • Review brand detections that are aggregated into sequences
  • Set the location attribute manually for a sequence and add this output to a .csv file
  • Secure access with segregation of duties and general access restrictions

SAP Software Accessibility

Product Road Map

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