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Member of the Month


Member of the Month Hall of Fame

Every month, a member of the SAP Community is recognized for exemplary behavior: sharing knowledge with peers, being helpful and taking on additional tasks to support community engagement.

See more details about the program in the announcement blog.


September 2018: Abdul Mannan

Abdul Mannan lends his "young technology mind" primarily to the topic of SAP Business One, frequently attending to questions about this software. Having benefited from the SAP Community at the start of his career, he is a big believer in giving back and sharing his experience.

August 2018: Phil Cooley

Phil Cooley has gotten more involved because he wants to make a positive impact in the SAP Community -- and with his blogs and answers, he has succeeded. He taps into decades of experience with SAP technology and solutions, and he is always looking to try (and learn about) new things.
Raja Sekhara Reddy Bannuru

July 2018: Raja Sekhara Reddy Bannuru

A family man, avid reader, traveler, polyglot, and master of MAN Production Planning (PP), Raja Sekhara Reddy Bannur is a contributor with a reputation for providing very detailed answers (more than 160, in fact!) that include screenshots and clear instructions.

June 2018: Sergio Guerrero

Sergio Guerrero describes himself as a husband, dad, brother, friend, neighbor, and community member. We describe him as a Member of the Month who has written dozens of blogs, answered hundreds of questions, earned many badges and points, and attracted dozens of followers. 

May 2018: Bärbel Winkler

A good writer not afraid to express her opinion. That's how one member/SAP Mentor describes Bärbel Winkler. Even though Bärbel only began blogging recently, she has made an impression and received encouragement from readers (some Member of the Month winners themselves!).

April 2018: Bartosz Jarkowski

How to describe Bartosz? One member does it this way: "Shows a high degree of accurate technical knowledge; articulate, writes well; polite and helpful to other community members; responds quickly to questions. Becoming a ‘household name’ in some tags.”

March 2018: Sharath Gangadhara

Sharath Gangadhara (AKA Sharath M G) has answered nearly 300 questions and written more than 50 blogs. He is a polyglot who has observed that, when it comes to connecting with people, "language is the easiest or the shortest route to winning their hearts." He has certainly connected with members.


February 2018: Mike Pokraka

An independent consultant, Mike Pokraka finds that freelancing allows him to take on a variety of challenges. This philosophy ensures that he never gets bored. It also ensures that he expands his knowledge, and that, in turn, ensures that he can answer community questions. Hundreds of them, in fact.


January 2018: Jeremy Good

An SAP employee, Jeremy Good makes contributions behind the scenes that aren't always visible to the community. He meets with SAP colleagues involved with the SAP Community project, offering constructive criticism, fair assessments, and valuable input that benefits the platform.
Michelle Crapo

December 2017: Michelle Crapo

By blogging about the new  platform, Michelle Crapo helped draw more attention to member frustrations. In doing so, she triggered conversations among users and SAP executives alike -- all with the aim of improving the community and inspiring members to make a difference.

November 2017: Fabian Lehmann

A prolific community writer, Fabian Lehmann has published nearly twenty blogs focusing on topics such as SAP Community Platform and Internet of Things. He also shares his knowledge by giving in-person presentations on these topics at SAP Inside Tracks and other events as well.

October 2017: Nic Teunckens

Whether in the SAP Community or at a local CoderDojo event, Nic
Teunckens enjoys sharing what he knows. He also enjoys sharing
tips on how members can get the most from the SAP Community -- as he offers
guidance on making connections and finding info.

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