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itelligence webinar - Automated invoice processing and digitalized document management

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Many companies still handle document approval processes for vendor invoices and purchase orders for goods or services manually. This frequently leads to slow approval processes, delayed delivery of goods and late invoice payments, all of which can damage or jeopardize customer and supplier relationships. Businesses using manual processes often face additional challenges such as missed early-payment discounts and incomplete invoice management transparency. Other difficulties include a high degree of manual tasks for document creation and approval, non-uniform document approval processes, and missing compliance requirements according to internal rules.

The purpose of automatic scanning systems is to reduce the expenses involved in invoice management, to minimize the percentage of errors, and to increase data quality, thus reducing manual work procedures. Ideally. Unfortunately the working day is a completely different story in many companies, where it has been necessary to create manual distress routines for the purpose of error analysis and processing as a result of automatic invoice management. Therefore, the value of an efficient invoice scanning and registration system can be of great significance for your business.

This webinar addresses automated invoice processing and digital document management and presents itelligence’s solutions it.approval and it.smartscan.
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Event-type Online/streaming
Language English
Sted Denmark
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