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Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters (United Farmers of Alberta Cooperative)

Customer Snapshot: Overview

40% Increase in online sales from previous year

At Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters, helping people get the most of their outdoor adventures isn’t just a priority. It’s a passion. With an out-of-date open-source e-commerce platform, shopping carts were being abandoned and they weren’t seeing the conversions or traffic numbers they had hoped for. Through implementation of the SAP hybris Commerce solution, they were able to simplify and redefine the online shopping experience. The site now features more products, more resources for naturalists and safer shopping for all.

Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters (United Farmers of Alberta Cooperative)

US$110 million

Line of Business
Manufacturing, Sales

SAP Solutions
SAP Hybris Commerce

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Customer Website

Wholesale Distribution

Customer Snapshot: History

Bringing the Great Outdoors Closer

Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Calgary-based, UFA Co-operative Limited. With 13 stores in western Canada, Wholesale Sports is a multi-channel retailer dedicated to the sportsmen and women who have a passion for hunting, camping and fishing and a love of the great outdoors. Their customers recognize Wholesale Sports as the best place to purchase quality gear, get expert advice and share the obsession of being in the woods, on the water or on the trail.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Doing What Comes Naturally

In Canada, hunting, fishing and camping are second nature. With vast, rugged wilderness on Canada’s doorsteps, and rivers, lakes and oceans in Canadians’ backyards, how could they not be? As Canada's outdoor outfitter, it's Wholesale Sports' job to make sure their customers are equipped with the quality gear and expert advice customers need to make the most of their outdoor adventures.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Helping More People Enjoy the Great Outdoors

As Canada's Outdoor Outfitter, Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters make the great outdoors even greater. With quality gear & expert advice, they help customers make the most of their outdoor adventures. At Wholesale Sports, being outdoors is in their blood. They don't just sell hunting, fishing and camping gear - they share passion with their customers.

If we weren't at work, we'd be out there with them.

The Challenge

Fishing for a New Way to Do Business Online

Outdated legacy systems were bringing down the company’s ability to serve its online customers. They needed to simplify their business by sidelining an antiquated mail order and catalog business and redirecting more of their business to e-commerce.

Enter SAP

A Better Shopping Experience for All

SAP hybris Commerce offered the most comprehensive e-commerce solution with the functionality to meet all of their business needs. With implementation of this robust solution, the company discovered they would be able to improve the product catalog and the brands carried, educate their consumers and provide a safer shopping experience.

We selected hybris because it offered the most comprehensive enterprise solution for us. We’re focused on improving relevancy and making products the hero. We want to elevate the product catalog and the brands we carry. — Adam Dorval, E-Commerce and Digital Strategy Manager, United Farmers of Alberta, Parent Company of Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

A Smooth Transition from Old to New

Working with Thinkwrap Commerce, Wholesale Sports was able to meet an aggressive eight-month schedule, even while including multiple add-ons in their implementation. They were also able to customize their back-end system to confirm firearm license verification and comply with strict firearm shipping regulations.

Migrated 30,000 customer profiles and 50,000 stock-keeping units to the new system

Better Business

A Seamless Transaction Process with Safety and Compliance Built In

With their new system in place, is now able to collect customer information at checkout to verify licenses for restricted firearms and ammunition for sale and shipment online, simplifying the process and providing more customers with the products they seek.

Better Business: Benefits showed outstanding results in just three months after implementation of the new system, and reported a 40%+ increase in sales in the first year. Since then, the company has reported increases in their top-line and bottom line each year. Web traffic is strong and customer conversion rates are high.

11.8% Conversion rate increase

Better Business: Run Simple

Spending Less Money to Acquire More Customers

The company has reported steady sales growth even as their marketing spend decreases now that they’ve retired their paper-based mail order and catalog business. Using a Run Simple approach, the entire e-commerce user experience was transformed, leading to more streamlined firearm approval processes, more products and expert advice to customers right on the site.

Journey Ahead

Forging New Trails

Wholesale Sports is looking ahead to a future where they can offer their customers even more. They are planning further enhancements to the user experience on the consumer-facing side as well as internal enhancements to the infrastructure to keep the business growing strong for many years to come.

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