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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Uniting 3 countries with the love of Mexican food for over 30 years

For Hispanic food delicacies, retailers and restaurants in the United States and Canada rely on Vilore Foods. With the SAP Fiori user experience (UX), Vilore has streamlined operations and communication between sales and the warehouse. Every truck can be tracked in real time, making it easier than ever to get the flavor of Mexico north of the border.

Vilore Foods Company Inc.

Customer Website

Implementation Partner URL

Wholesale Distribution

San Antonio, Texas

Implementation Partners
Element Five Solutions (SAP Fiori UX)

Line of Business
Asset Management, Commerce, Sales, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
SAP Fiori, UX design services from SAP

Customer Snapshot: History

Vicente Lopez Resines, the father of Vilore

Named in honor of the founder of its signature brand Conservas La Costeña, Don Vicente Lopez Resines, Vilore Foods has been leading the market in imports, distribution, and marketing of Hispanic food brands in the United States and Canada since its founding in 1983. The name represents the company’s long tradition of vision, perseverance, innovation…and, of course, gourmet flavor that North America has come to know and love.

Vi-Lo-Re spells innovation and great taste for everyone

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


Leading the Food Chain to North America

From beans to peppers, to salsa, and more, Vilore Foods is the leading importer, distributor, and marketer of Mexican food products to the United States and Canada.

Nectars and Jalepeño Peppers.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Spicing Up Dinner from Texas to Toronto

With powerhouse brands like La Costeña canned foods, Jumex nectars, La Sierra beans, and more, Vilore is bringing the flavor of Mexico to millions of dinner tables across North America. With offices across the U.S. and warehouses in Imperial, California and Laredo, Texas, Vilore’s mission is to create “best-in-class” selling strategies that satisfy the hunger for real Hispanic food. 

The company is a leading distributor of Mexican food products and beverages, serving grocers and other food retailers in the U.S. and Canada, distributing a wide variety of Mexican and Hispanic products coast-to-coast.

Getting Out With Mobile Access in Hand.

It is key for us to have a mobile strategy because, for our operations, we need to be on the move…We have to track where everything is at a particular time. – Alejandro Mena, Vice President of Operations, Vilore Foods Company Inc.

The Challenge

Getting Through Customs and to the Warehouse on Time

When moving products across the Mexico-U.S. border, regulatory requirements can pose significant challenges. Companies like Vilore must take into account everything from customs mandates to national security issues. This can add up to as many as thirteen line-item requirements to account for on every delivery truck.

To ensure that shipments get delivered on time and without issue, Vilore needed a clear mobile strategy for the future.


productivity and sales force effectiveness


response times for vendors and customers


hiring and training of new employees


and consistent user experience


anywhere data access across all types of device


regulatory management


Many Operational Challenges

Enter SAP

Co-Innovation with Vilore Gets the Food Out

When they needed better visibility into warehouse operations, including inventory levels and communications with sales teams, Vilore turned to SAP. Working with SAP partner, ElementFive, they deployed the SAP ERP and SAP Extended Warehouse Management applications to help manage everything from driver priorities to loading schedules to bin consolidation. In addition, the applications helped to capture data electronically for auditing purposes. 

ElementFive had been supporting Vilore Foods for years, so they knew that the SAP Fiori user experience (UX) was just what the company needed to provide the custom tools for inventory transparency. Working with design and co-innovation experts at SAP’s Palo Alto office, it was decided to bring a simpler user experience to all Vilore’s SAP solutions on any device .

Why SAP Fiori?

Personalized, responsive, and simple

user experience across SAP solutions on any device


to provide data to every salesperson, manager, and the CEO


implementation with the SAP Fiori apps rapid-deployment solution


We Looked at Many Services.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Rethinking Processes with Design Thinking Methods

Together with design and co-innovation experts from SAP, the ElementFive team worked on site at Vilore to better understand the company’s business requirements as part of a design thinking workshop for business innovation. For Vilore, this meant learning to look at existing processes in a whole new way.

Following the “design thinking” methodology, the team observed users in their own environment, conducted interviews, and collected information. This included documenting the process, defining the scope, and designing screens and flow mock-ups. Finally, the design and co-innovation team validated the design mock-ups and, with input from end users and management, built a journey map to help visualize the current process and identify opportunities for improvements.
The joint SAP and Element Five team worked together on paper prototypes from the site visit. They co-innovated on further design iterations and finally on the development of the first application – a carrier check-in app that uses the SAP Fiori UX framework.

With UX design services from SAP Vilore:

- Translated a UX strategy into a business reality
- Empowered workers with the best user experience
- Helped leaders create new and innovative solutions that provide a competitive advantage

As part of our design process, we always – always – want to talk to end users about their processes.– Eliad Goldwasser, Senior User Experience Designer, SAP SE

The visualization of the business process helped us to identify opportunities for process simplification. – Luis Garza, Receiving Director, Vilore Foods

Better Business

Unifying Operations to Increase Productivity and Revenue

With SAP Fiori, Vilore now has better insight into the real-time status of goods en route. From the warehouse to the front office, everyone is on the same page, helping management make decisions faster. And the consumer-grade UX is increasing productivity by reducing user training requirements and user errors.

Flexible and Easy to Use.

In the warehouse we are using SAP Fiori. It’s flexible, intuitive, and easy to use. With one click, I can get my order. – Virgilio Israel Morales Galvan, Senior IT Business Specialist, Vilore Foods Company Inc.

Better Business: Benefits

Tracking Goods in Real Time, Anytime, Anywhere

Now, no matter where a truck is, Vilore can track and trace goods, identifying where they are, when they crossed the border, and how long it will take to get to the warehouse. Processes that used to take as many as 50 steps can now be completed in just 3 steps, improving productivity and reducing errors. That means simpler workflows, easier fulfillment of regulatory requirements, happier employees, and more satisfied customers.


visibility into enterprise operations and inventory levels


communication between sales and the warehouse


IT systems that streamline auditing and increase credibility with business partners


tracking for every truck, easing customs compliance


time and budget spent on user training


feedback and high user satisfaction


The feedback that I get from our employees? They’re happy – they’re excited. They are saying, where was this before?– Alejandro Mena, Vice President of Operations, Vilore Foods Company Inc.

Traceability, Ease of Use, Productivity.

Better Business: Run Simple

Getting the Taste of Mexico Faster Than Ever

As Vilore continues to grow, SAP Fiori is helping support a strategy to continue optimizing warehouse and logistics operations. With the speed of inbound deliveries expected to improve by as much as 60%, Vilore continues on the road to higher revenue and profitability. For consumers, that means it will be easier than ever to get the delicious taste of Mexico north of the border.

60% Improvement = Growth.

Accelerating inbound deliveries by 60%

Journey Ahead

A Recipe for Continued Success

The outcomes of the design thinking workshop for business innovation and the benefits of SAP Fiori will allow Vilore to further increase revenue and productivity, speed deliveries, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth. By focusing on business users rather than IT, Vilore proves that from the right spices to the right mobile apps, every recipe and every user experience is unique.

Happy employees and information all in one place.

This is a very exciting project that I know will be beneficial to everyone. –Jose Luis Murillo, Head of Business Operations, Vilore Food Company Inc .
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