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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Members saved >$200 Million since 2012

When you crave your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and donut treat, it probably never crossed your mind that it may not be available. Because it rarely, if ever, happens. You are then the recipient of a true Run Live experience, because National DCP (NDCP) helps Dunkin’ Donuts Run Simple to keep you happy in every thirsty or hungry moment.  

National DCP, LLC

US$2 billion

Number of Employees

Wholesale Distribution


Deloitte LLP

Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live

Duluth, Georgia, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business
Service, Sourcing and Procurement

SAP Solutions
SAP Ariba Solutions, SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, SAP Hybris Service Cloud

National DCP, the $2 billion exclusive supply chain management cooperative that manages sourcing, purchasing, and distribution for thousands of USA quick service restaurants and customers across 51 countries, has a lot on their plate. When outdated legacy systems were no longer the best ingredients for a job well-done, National DCP looked to SAP Business Suite on HANA, SAP Ariba, and SAP® Hybris Cloud for Service to brew a perfect blend of service, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.

Customer Snapshot: History

The Secret Ingredient for the Sweet Taste of Success

National DCP, LLC (NDCP) is a $2 billion supply chain management company serving the franchisees of Dunkin’ Donuts. They leverage their expertise in sourcing, purchasing and distribution to provide comprehensive business solutions including food, beverages, supplies, packaging, technology and healthcare to more than 8,900 U.S. quick service restaurants and customers in 51 countries.

NDCP was formed as a membership cooperative following the successful merger of five different operating companies in 2012 to support Dunkin’s growth and expansion plans. Today they employ more than 1,700 team members at their headquarters in Atlanta, regional distribution centers, and logistics hubs throughout the U.S.

Each Year, National DCP:

Purchases >100 million pounds of coffee, 112 million pounds of sugar and 24 million gallons of milk

Drives 28 million miles delivering ~73 million cases of product to members

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Franchisees Bet Dollars to Donuts on Happy Customers

National DCP comprehensive business solutions help enhance the operations of more than 8,900 U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts quick service restaurants and customers in 51 countries. The company’s unique combination of sourcing, purchasing, distribution, and business services with a ‘Farm to Fork” model yields benefits including: unlocking maximum value in the cost and supply of goods; allowing restaurant brands to focus on core competencies that include culinary, menu development, and promotion while outsourcing their supply chain needs; and generating lower overall total costs for brands and their franchised restaurants, which improves margins.


National DCP is in the business of helping businesses help their customers.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

More Efficient Processes Pass Savings Along to Franchisees

The company’s mission is to provide members with the absolute best service at the lowest possible sustainable cost, enabling them to operate and grow profitable businesses. The company is committed to delivering premier business solutions to members and customers in the food service industry through precise, reliable, and scalable supply chain solutions.

The Challenge

Fueling the System That Helps Franchisees Satisfy Customers

The Dunkin’ Donuts brand is growing strong, and the company is rapidly expanding. That’s great news for a brand that helps millions of loyal customers fuel their day with coffee, sandwiches, baked goods, and sweet treats. But unchecked growth can lead to a bottleneck of confusion, especially with disparate regional legacy systems that needed to be merged into one, unified solution with the potential to grow with the company. National DCP was looking for a way to provide a more satisfying customer experience to franchises with the best service at the lowest cost to enable a successful and profitable partnership. The solution, they quickly discovered, was with SAP solutions.


To continue to provide the value, service, and products customers have come to expect, consolidation was a vital step.

Enter SAP

Many Members, One Solution

While some National DCP members own one or two Dunkin’ Donuts franchises, others may own hundreds. They all look to National DCP to help them with product sourcing, human resources and benefits, project management, and most important leveraged buying. Coordinating information and service for independent business owners is no easy task, and disconnected legacy systems made the job that much harder. The company needed an easy way to unify the legacy systems quickly, easily, and efficiently with cloud-based technology, and full visibility into customer history. 

For an easy-to-use, scalable solution that would help each franchisee Run Live and Run Simple, SAP was the clear choice. The company selected Deloitte Consulting to simplify the transformation and help them implement the systems quickly and easily.


SAP promised an easy implementation of an extensive, comprehensive solution.

Meeting each customer’s needs added complexity in our business. SAP software simplifies our operations so we can keep delivering customized services and offer more value to franchisees. — Darrell Riekena, CIO, National DCP LLC

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

A Sweet Transition

The team created the new platform and completed the seamless transition ahead of schedule, making adjustments for efficiency and accuracy along the way. Through real time, 360 degree customer information, SAP Hybris Service Cloud enables NDCP to streamline their service calls by understanding past order history, service tickets and any customer interaction resulting in service inquiries to be solved in the first call. Franchise owners are happy with swift and efficient support and NDCP is fulfilling their promise on Customer Service.


The SAP experience combined best practices from each region and rolled it out across the entire company.

Our business transformation touches every employee and customer. SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA is the foundation we’re building on to realize the growth potential that lies ahead. — Darrell Riekena, CIO, National DCP LLC

Better Business

Now that SAP Fuels National DCP, Everyone Runs Simple

The new, unified solution, designed using best practices from each area of the company, delivers greater customer insight and satisfaction. SAP Hybris Service Cloud has made it simpler for National DCP customers to interact with them, enabling National DCP to compete and get ahead of the game.


Real-time data transparency enables the use of historical data in everyday decisions.

Better Business: Benefits

A Solution That Touches Everything From a Single Transaction to an Entire Region

The new cloud-based solution can dial down from a single purchase over a coffee break to data analysis of the entire company. That kind of data transparency within a single core enterprise solution with SAP HANA as its foundation has touched every aspect of the business, and every person who interacts with National DCP.

From an order of coffee beans to company trends; from a single employee’s benefits to a heart-shaped donut promotion for Valentine’s Day, one solution delivers a unified, simplified approach to business.

With everything they need in the cloud, it’s easier to give customers what they need when they need it.

Better Business: Run Simple

Deliciously Simple and Simply Delicious

National DCP Runs Live with SAP


Leveraging the cloud and preparing for growth helps National DCP Run Simple.

Journey Ahead

Paving the Road to Greater Insights and Better Business

New insights gained from advanced analytics can help National DCP and their members plan for even sweeter business opportunities ahead.

A sweet future fueled by partnership, support, and of course coffee, and donuts.

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