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Customer Snapshot: Overview

~2 million Americans are treated ER for sports injuries annually

EvoShield was founded by athletes who know first-hand about sports injuries and are dedicated to preventing them and keeping players in the game. They created a line of comfortable, lightweight, flexible gear that quickly caught the eye of the world’s most elite athletes and retail stores across the USA.   Their rise to success was quick, and the company needed a solution that would help them catch up with the demand for their high quality product and pave the way for even more growth ahead. They looked to SAP to improve the quality, consistency and delivery of their products while cutting processing time and keeping costs down.


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Line of Business
Marketing, Sales

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SAP Business One

Athens, GA, USA

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Customer Snapshot: History

A Playbook for Success

EvoShield puts every ounce of their passion and experience into their protective gear. Their finished products are designed to achieve a perfect balance between functional protection and increased performance. Why? Because keeping you confident and in the game means everything to them.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Keeping Athletes Off the Sidelines

EvoShield isn't your typical corporate setting. Their employees are obsessed not only with sports, but with protecting athletes. As former collegiate and professional athletes, the founders of EvoShield wanted more out of their gear, to move beyond traditional foam and plastics to create a new kind of protective gear - truly comfortable protective gear that would make athletes faster and stronger while protecting them better. EvoShield delivers unique custom-molding gear that fits better, feels better and protects better than any other.

Their passion continues to push them forward to create top of the line protective gear, equipment that will not only keep you, fellow athletes, on the field, but will allow you to be faster, stronger- to be unstoppable.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Rising Star Leaves the Competition Far Behind

EvoShield is an emerging leader in protective sporting apparel. Founded in 2006, the company has seen dramatic growth and has established partnerships with large retailers, as well as major professional sports leagues. The organization offers protective technology that is engineered to withstand high impact while remaining comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. Just as EvoShield innovates the products that it provides to customers, the company is constantly looking to improve the ways that the business is run.

The Challenge

Making it to the Big Leagues

EvoShield had been using the same dedicated accounting software since the company was founded in 2006. Since then, the company has grown to include new business partners, big retailers, three locations, an online store and an 80,000 square foot distribution center. To work more effectively with partners, gain transparency, and support continuing growth, EvoShield needed an integrated enterprise resource planning solution.

Enter SAP

A One-Size-Fits-All Database

EvoShield was looking for a single powerful database that would improve communication among all areas of the business and promote collaboration. They wanted to effectively manage all sales channels and data, from the big retailers to the individual consumers. They looked to SAP Business One® as a proven, scalable solution to support the company’s continued growth. It was important that the software they implemented needed to communicate with and build on SAP HANA® as well.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Teaming Up for Growth

Incorporating SAP Business One has given EvoShield access to real-time information across the business, eliminating significant paper waste and time-consuming paper trails. Individual employees now have access to trusted, consistent data, enabling them to own a process and independently manage business units. Empowering employees and connecting previously disparate divisions has led to a positive change in company culture both internally and in the eyes of potential business partners.

6 Months to fully implement SAP Business One

When people see a small company with SAP, they are more likely to work with us. We can now use service levels as a competitive advantage. With SAP Business One, no one blames ‘the system’ anymore. It’s that simple. And the experience and expertise of ECS made the deployment a success. — David M. Shinn, VP Operations, EvoShield LLC

Better Business

Business Solution Meets Protective Gear for a Winning High Tech Combo

As soon as EvoShield flipped the switch on their new ERP, efficiency, quality control and overall standards were on the rise. With real-time visibility into the status of processes and information, EvoShield can better manage inventory and orders, keeping costs low and pleasing even more customers than ever.

We can now use service levels as a competitive advantage; that’s what SAP Business One is allowing us to do. — David M. Shinn, VP Operations, EvoShield LLC

Better Business: Benefits

Better Data Knocks P&L Statements Out of the Park

Experience and intuition can only take a growing company so far. With the new system in place, EvoShield can now make solid, data-driven decisions across all areas of the company. From inventory management to sales data and order fulfillment, the processes are streamlined and their bottom line has never been stronger.

>20% saved

on shipping for events marketing

>67% improvement

in on-time shipping over previous year

Better Business: Run Simple

A Custom Solution for a Company Focused on Customer Safety

Keeping athletes safe, healthy and off the sidelines is a difficult and admirable task. With a new solution in place, EvoShield can make an even bigger impact.

The new Run Simple approach to data management has already saved hours of employee time, pounds of paperwork and capital. That’s a home run in anyone’s playbook.

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