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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Trained >1,000 young people, and created 300 jobs so far

Within weeks after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammed Yunus, Saskia Bruysten, and Sophie Eisenmann, partnered with SAP to develop a self-sustainability program for emerging businesses. Yunus Social Business (YSB) provides funding, training, and advice to Haitian entrepreneurs.


In turn, a portion of their profits is donated to support education initiatives. SAP has donated €1.5 million and SAP software to manage operations and stay connected through mobile apps. So far YSB has financed 34 businesses, and impacted 800,000 customers.

Yunus Social Business (YSB)

Customer Website

Professional Services


Versino AG

Frankfurt, Germany

Line of Business
Finance, Human Resources, Service, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Business One

Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Corporate Social Responsibility, Run Live, Prosperity

Customer Snapshot: History

Harnessing the Power of Business to Solve Human Problems

Yunus Social Business (YSB) is a social venture capital group that believes business can be used to solve the most pressing human problems. By turning philanthropic donations into investments, YSB finances social businesses that solve the same challenges normally tackled by aid agencies, charities of foundations. Social businesses re-invest their profits back into addressing the problems they were set up to solve, offering a sustainable alternative to charity or aid. YSB operates in Africa, Asia, The Balkans and Latin America, and companies currently in the YSB portfolio provide employment, education, healthcare, clean water and clean energy to half a million people worldwide.


The earthquake devastated Haiti, but YSB is supporting local businesses to rebuild.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


Creating Positive Cascading Impact

Founded in 2011, YSB provides financing and support to entrepreneurs in emerging economies, helping them build social businesses that solve human problems.

Supporting local entrepreneurs supports the entire community.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime‘. Our role at Yunus Social Business is to help the fisherman commercialize the fish – to really solve a long-term problem by creating a sustainable, dynamic fish market. — Claudine François, veteran business executive and YSB Haiti country director

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Identifying Visions and Making Them Happen

YSB offers entrepreneurs two core products, financing and business support. First YSB local teams work in-country to identify experienced, socially conscious, local entrepreneurs with businesses that have potential to generate large-scale social impact. YSB local teams work closely with selected entrepreneurs, running accelerator programs that teach social business concepts and allow them to test and refine their business models to prepare them for investment. 

Social businesses selected for investment become part of the YSB portfolio and are given long-term mentoring and post-investment support to ensure they reach their growth and social impact goals.

Turning donations into investments sets the stage for long-term sustainable social impact.

The Challenge

Creating an “Incubate and Finance” Methodology

The devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti spurred YSB to action. The organization called upon SAP for financial support, employee expertise, and technical know-how to help set up an infrastructure to rapidly grow social businesses across the country. The social businesses are widely spread geographically and conceptually, from bakeries to detergent manufacturers to farms and beyond, in areas with little existing technology to build on.

Profits are also funneled into supporting and sustaining education initiatives to keep private schools running despite extreme poverty levels in the communities.

Eliminate paperwork and streamline business practices in a challenging environment.

Enter SAP

A Strong Partnership From Startup to Running Strong

SAP’s involvement with YSB Haiti is manifold and based on the belief that the company can achieve the greatest social impact by combining SAP’s core expertise of technology with social investments that have a lasting benefit on society and. In the case of Yunus Social Business Haiti this meant providing all the necessary financial and expert technology support to Yunus Social Business until they could run as a sustainable business.

SAP provided whatever was needed to get recovery efforts up and running quickly.

A summary of SAP's support to YSB Haiti:


Over the course of the last 4 years, SAP invested €1.5 million in YSB Haiti, covering the costs of the planning phase as well as the operational costs of YSB Haiti for the first 3 years.


4 volunteers for first 3 months of the project (in 2010), followed by a dedicated SAP project coach until the end of 2012. 


Full B1 donation, implementation finalized November 2013.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Partnering to Become a Force for Change

In 2013, then SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe donated SAP Business One as well as additional investment capital to YSB-sponsored social businesses. SAP Business One allows YSB to centrally manage the financials, customer relationships, farming, and retail operations of all social businesses within a single system.
The SAP Business One mobile app delivers secure mobile access to all the tools local business owners need to Run Simple, no travel required.
The SAP partnership with YSB in Haiti is a showcase example of how our company is having a powerful, sustainable impact on local communities following a crisis. By empowering YSB with SAP capital, employee know-how and technology, we are becoming an innovative force for social change in the world’s underserved markets. — Alexandra van der Ploeg, SAP Global CSR program lead

Better Business

The Many Benefits of Next-Level Technology

SAP mobile technology has been implemented to work around unreliable local Internet connectivity, which brings fledgling businesses to the next level in technological advancement. Using SAP mobile technology has provided all local employees on-the-job training for the latest mobile solutions. These future-ready companies also serve as a beacon to other potential investors and partners, showcasing the care and professionalism with which these businesses are run right from the start.

SAP Business One helps Yunus-supported businesses Run Simple with mobile technology.

Better Business: Benefits

Better For the People, Better For the Planet

When potential investors find out that our social business model runs on SAP, their eyes light up. They know that our business is run seriously, transparently, and that we are able to track every penny. It’s a big vote of confidence. It gives us a unique selling point that we can present to future investors and donors. — Claudine François, veteran business executive and YSB Haiti country director

The apps coordinate day-to-day operations and help businesses communicate with YSB executives.

Better Business: Run Simple

Creating a More Sustainable Future

From employing the long-term unemployed to supporting workers’ children’s schools and providing services for their communities, YSB is touching even more lives than the people they hire and the families they serve. SAP support continues to be a driving force in this initiative to make life better and more sustainable in the communities YSB serves.


Live reporting allows YSB to address issues right away.

Journey Ahead

Beyond Haiti

With a strong foundation in Haiti and 11 other countries across the world, YSB is looking to expand their reach even farther to help more people worldwide.

The social business model we have implemented in Haiti has great potential anywhere in the world – from Haiti, Africa, or Asia. SAP software makes it easier than ever to build scalable social business models with a modest amount of seed money. It’s how we’re achieving a lot of transformation in communities. — Claudine François, veteran business executive and YSB Haiti country director

The future looks bright for the children of Haiti, thanks to the YSB & SAP partnership.

Corporate Social Responsibility
At SAP, we help the world Run Simple and improve people’s lives. Our CSR mission is to equip the world’s youth with skills to tackle society’s problems and thrive in the digital economy. We do this by focusing on building the capacity of innovative social enterprises that put young people on the path to successful IT careers, as well as building a skilled workforce for the IT sector with training and workforce development programs. Our SAP Business One donation program leverages innovative SAP technology – to help social enterprises make their impact even greater.
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