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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Vector-borne diseases cause >1 million deaths annually

Billions of people around the world are at risk of disease from infected insects, which cause more than 1 million deaths per year. Fumajet has patented an innovative high-efficiency, low-cost technology that fumigates hard-to reach areas by motorbike.


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Line of Business
R&D/Engineering, Sales, Sustainability

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SAP Business One

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Industrial Machinery & Components


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This growing company caught the attention of SAP Expoentes, an emerging entrepreneur program in Brazil, providing the team with mentors, design services, and SAP Business One software to refine their processes, upgrade their systems, and ultimately help more people around the globe.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Innovation for a Healthier Future

Fumajet is a company specialized in technological solutions to control epidemics, agricultural pests, and aide public health care. Their mission is to preserve the health of human beings through innovative products and services, attending areas where existing solutions are not viable or inefficient.
Bringing innovative technology to hard-to-reach places that need it most.

The company’s objective is to deliver innovative products and services to satisfy and meet the real needs of their customers. Fumajet is always seeking ways to improve the quality of products and services on the market and promoting health in remote areas that are difficult to access.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The company’s MOTOFOG technology installed on motorcycles offers government and non-government agencies along with private farmers a high efficiency and low cost alternative for controlling pests in hard-to-reach urban and rural geographies. Their 17 employees serve customers in Brazil, Angola, the Dominican Republic, and Equatorial Guinea.

Winner: 2015 MPE Brazil: Innovation and Industry Awards
Fumajet received awards for two categories in the MPE Brazil 2015, which is the most prestigious competition for small enterprises in Brazil – recognizing the company with the most improvements in quality, productivity and industry competitiveness. For the Industry and Innovation categories, Fumajet won for developing technological solutions to epidemic problems. 


Their objective is to fight vector-borne diseases, including malaria and dengue fever that are transmitted by mosquitoes. Fumajet is getting significant help in achieving their vision having become one of the first five local entrepreneurs to participate in SAP Expoentes, an emerging entrepreneur program in Brazil launched in 2013. Startups receive three-year access to a package of benefits, including mentors from SAP and Endeavor, a worldwide organization that promotes entrepreneurship, and SAP Business One software.

The Challenge

Planning for Growth

Manual, disparate systems and a small staff in locations scattered throughout the world were hampering the company’s ability to plan ahead and set the stage for meteoric growth.

Enter SAP

A Solid Mentoring Relationship

Working with mentors from SAP and Endeavor, and using Design Thinking workshops, the company completely re-imagined their production system to enable greater transparency of information, more solid business projections, and the ability to communicate quickly and easily. Ultimately, after examining the IT infrastructure and the company’s needs, they chose to implement SAP Business One.

Fumajet is a great example of the power of public and private partnerships for the greater good.— Luciana Coen, Head of Corporate Affairs, SAP Brazil

With more reliable information, we can make important business decisions for inventory management. And, people are communicating across the company. — Marcelo Machado, Director at Fumajet

Better Business

Increased Efficiency Right Out of the Gate

Within a month of implementation, slow bureaucratic systems had been completely replaced by faster, more productive processes. The new systems are getting positive reviews, not just from internal stakeholders, but also from investors and business prospects as well. Productivity has increased and analysts are able to make important business decisions based on reliable data, with business projected to double in 2015.

Better Business: Benefits

Recognition for Significant Contribution

This all adds up to increased profitability for the company and a positive social impact on eco and social development in the places that need help the most.

Fumajet also received the prestigious 2014 FINEP Innovation Award recognizing local products that have contributed to Brazilian development.

Support from SAP increased Fumajet's overall value to investors. 

Before, it was required to use manual and constant checks, which demanded a lot of time from the employees. Now, we have quick and reliable information on the company's inventories to make important business decisions. — Marcelo Machado, Director at Fumajet

Better Business: Run Simple

Boiling Many Manual Processes Into One Run Simple System

Fumajet’s 17 employees cover a lot of ground, serving customers in Brazil, Angola, the Dominican Republic, and Equatorial Guinea, and their customer base is growing even bigger. Keeping a handle on current customers and future business projections was a major challenge for this small company with big dreams. A Run Simple approach helped Fumajet streamline processes into one simple, yet elegant, business solution, helping them achieve those dreams and save even more lives.

Journey Ahead

It’s a New Beginning for Fumajet

While the company has accomplished a great deal in a short time, there’s no time to rest on the accolades and successes. The Fumajet team has a lot more on their to-do list for the coming years. They are looking to add more employees, and expand their customer base in Brazil and other countries, helping to combat the spread of vector-borne diseases, saving lives and making the world a better, healthier place.
In early 2016, Fumajet received financial investment from the Criatec 2 fund, with Bozano Investments as the national manager and Triaxis Capital as the operational advisor. This is the second fund from a series of funds sponsored by BNDES, which started in 2006 with the Criatec 1 fund. The fund management structure also includes six regional managers.
The investment will strengthen the company for future growth and product development. Fumajet can now open faster in new markets, expand the area of environmental control services focused on ports, airports and large enterprises, and strengthen its products internationalization project.
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