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Customer Snapshot: Overview

99% of orders are shipped same-day

Rough Country

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Dyersburg, Tennessee, USA

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Growth precipitates change, but as Rough Country Suspension Systems has grown, their commitment to speed and quality has been unwavering. When sales grew by leaps and bounds, the company selected SAP Business One and Softengine to implement a new system remotely and add “extensions” that could add flexibility and seamless integration.

Customer Snapshot: History

Growing Strong with an Eye toward Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

High Quality Products Make Happy Customers

At Rough Country, their mission is to provide suspension systems and related accessories that enhance the performance and look of customers’ vehicles. They stand behind the quality of all their products, which includes their performance as well as their compliance with NHSTA guidelines. Rough Country provides lift kits and off-road products consumers are looking for by focusing on consumer satisfaction, ease of installation, ride quality, and value.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Assembling a Top-Notch Team to Provide Top-Notch Service

Rough Country's product quality, pricing, and customer service are unmatched in the industry. The organization prides itself on assembling the best and brightest team members and giving them the resources to achieve success both professionally and personally. In the last 3 years alone, 25% of all Rough Country team members, with minimum one year employment, have been promoted into new roles and/or different departments with significant pay raises.

The Challenge

Keeping Up as a Company Grows

The Rough Country legacy system, created when their business was smaller, just couldn’t keep up with the company’s growth. The company strived to keep up with their 99% same-day shipping promise and high quality customer service to their dedicated and passionate client base. And the existing systems strained to keep pace as sales took off, struggling to process the rising number of daily transactions and work orders and to report on the growing volume of historic transactional data.

We had to run reports within tight time windows in order to not overburden the system and then manually combine the data. Syncing the inventory and accounting systems also presented a growing problem as the number of transactions to post grew. This task had to be performed at night while neither system was in use and, if any problems arose, we had to wait until the following morning for our in-house team to trouble-shoot. We knew we had to get to a place where some of these tasks could be built in without worrying about crashing the system. — Patrick Just, Rough Country CFO

Enter SAP

Prioritizing a List and Checking it off, Step by Step

Softengine helped Rough Country evaluate and implement the priorities for the new system. The first task was making sense of the inventory, production, and shipping management data across multiple warehouses. They then integrated all operational and financial software processes under one platform. The Softengine implementation team then installed their Mailer One extension, a tool that enhances the core functionality of SAP’s Business One Mailer program to make the customer ordering experience as fast and reliable as leading e-commerce platforms. And finally, they created the ability to automatically import online orders from the company’s Magento-based site and third-party marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.

We wanted our customers to enjoy a rapid and seamless ordering experience. We ship over 99% of our orders on the same day they’re placed and we want our customers notified right away at every phase of the process. — Chad Enochs, IT Manager and Marketing Director

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

A Winning Combination

Partnering with Softengine to remotely integrate SAP Business One into their system was as seamless as the new system itself. Another key to the success of the rollout was Rough Country’s commitment to training and intensive practice prior to going live. An on-site training team of SAP and Softengine employees taught the team how to run simulations and optimize the new system to reduce their workload and utilize the power of automated processes.

We really enjoyed working with Softengine and think they did a great job on the implementation of the new system. I would rate the combination of SAP Business One and Softengine as an unqualified success. — Chad Enochs, IT Manager and Marketing Director

Better Business

A Well-Tuned System Runs Smoothly

Customers should never have to wait.— Chad Enochs, IT Manager and Marketing Director

Better Business: Benefits

A Lift to the Entire Infrastructure Leads to a Big Payoff

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to doing business online, and keeping everything running smoothly is no small task. Thanks to SAP Business One and the add-on products implemented by Softengine, things are running like clockwork.

SAP Business One and the suite of add-on products have combined to help our business run at peak performance and boost our customer service to the highest level ever. Our reporting is timelier and more accurate, our business processes are totally integrated and we’re confident that this system will grow with us for a long time to come. — Chad Enochs, IT Manager and Marketing Director

Better Business: Run Simple

Keeping in Touch With Customers through Constant Communication and Feedback

Fully integrated systems and lightning-fast customer communications help Rough Country’s operations Run Simple. Their passionate consumer base not only gets speedy product delivery of top-notch quality products, but they’re in the loop from the moment they order until the product is in their hands.

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