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Customer Snapshot: Overview

€ bank notes are extra-strong when treated with Melamin resins

INEOS Melamines is a proven leader in melamine resins, which help create the products all around you, from cars to kitchens to inside your wallet. All melamine-based products have health and safety compliance regulations, and INEOS Melamines wanted expert help supporting a global compliance process, so they could stay focused on their core business strategic initiatives.

INEOS Melamines GmbH

€130 million turnover

Number of Employees
150 employees

Line of Business
R&D/ Engineering

SAP Solutions
SAP EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand

60386 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
SAP Consulting (SAP Content as a Services (CaaS) team)


Customer Snapshot: History

Diverse, Rich History of Parent Companies

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Global Provider for Many Industries

INEOS Melamines services a number of global applications including coatings, paper, textile, tire and rubber, fleece and wood finishing industries. They deliver amino resins and additives directly to process industries worldwide, and are well known for offering innovation and value to their customers.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Caring About Customers, Employees and Safety

INEOS Melamines is focused on continually improving cost structures, processes, and customer service with a particular emphasis on Health & Safety for the environment, as well as for their employees and customers.

The Challenge

Staying Compliant in 70 Countries

Melamine-based products must comply with health and safety regulations and include up to date safety data sheets in all the countries they are delivered to. The required safety data sheets (SDS) and dangerous substance labels provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling these substances in a safe manner.

INEOS Melamines did not have the expertise or technical resources to build up an in-house product safety department or SAP EH&S system. However, product compliance is essential for marketing their 200 different products in 70 countries. They knew that if the EHS processes could be managed by one provider, they would greatly diminish liability risk through improved product safety.

Enter SAP

A Relationship Founded on Trust

INEOS Melamines has been relying on SAP services for many years and has a high level of trust in SAP’s expertise in product safety and compliance. This led them to consider SAP as an option for their EHS needs.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Collaboration and Continuity

From its inception, INEOS Melamines was involved in developing and co-innovating the ERD portal solution with the SAP team. Close cooperation with SAP continued throughout the project and still continues since the go-live. SAP and INEOS Melamines strive for a long-term relationship, which is evident with regard to implementation and on-going services provided.

Running Better

Simplified, Yet Supporting 40 More Countries Than Before

INEOS Melamines aimed to improve compliance in all countries, while simultaneously reducing the complexity of managing safety data sheets (SDS) generation and maintenance.
By implementing SAP ERD, they simplified processes to ensure a Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and SDS compliance in 40 more countries than were previously supported with a networked system. Now, all legal regions worldwide are seamlessly supported in the cloud, amongst 70 countries so far.

Running Better: Benefits

Country-Specific Utilization, and Flexible Support

Introducing the GHS meant updating all their safety data sheets (SDS) was necessary, and that could have been a huge resource-consuming process. Instead, it was accomplished easily by utilizing SAP ERD services. Country-specific SDSs and labels are supplied according to GHS where applicable. The flexible deployment methods of ERD meant they could choose the portal-based solution to meet their requirements.

SAP also supports an additional requirement for the distribution of SDS to approximately 400 customers and dangerous substance labels that INEOS maintains on a separate EHS system.

Running Better: Today

Wearing it Well

The transfer to GHS had a massive influence on label design. The expertise received with SAP ERD services ensured that these challenges were overcome without any negative impact on sales. The SAP approach to GHS supported INEOS Melamines greatly during the adoption to GHS.
Through the ERD cloud based service, INEOS Melamines and SAP are bound to each other for the next 5 years, and INEOS Melamines will continue to act as a co-innovation partner to SAP throughout the next phases of solution development.

Journey Ahead

It’s a Big World, Inside and Out

INEOS Melamines will expand the geographical scope of this project to 108 countries with a goal to provide SDS coverage globally out of one system that is operated by SAP and provided as a cloud solution. In the near future, the solution will be introduced to the broader INEOS group. Although the companies in the group operate autonomously, the project success at Melamines may be an internal benchmark

INEOS Melamines has concrete ideas for improvement and will work closely with SAP to incorporate these into the SAP ERD services.

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