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Health and Well-Being

Fostering a healthy culture

A healthy business starts with healthy people who are supported by a caring and balanced culture. Through our award-winning Global Health & Well-Being programmes, we invest in the sustainability of our people.

Building a successful future of work by prioritizing health

For World Mental Health Day 2021, SAP is encouraging everyone to lighten the load of their stress and do something for their health.

Measuring the impact of a healthy workforce

Our business health culture index (BHCI) supports an unbiased assessment of our workplace – from well-being and work-life balance to overall organisational health.

Making health, safety, and well-being a top priority

A comprehensive materiality assessment in 2020 unveiled health, safety, and well-being as one of the top priorities for stakeholders and business success.

Prioritizing mental health and well-being

As we navigate a global pandemic, social unrest, economic uncertainty, and environmental disasters, the mental and physical fitness of every person is a key part of workplace productivity.

Honoring employees on Mental Health Day

Find out why giving employees an extra day off to focus on their mental health and well-being is a win for our employees and a win for our business.

Addressing the mental health crisis

Learn why we need new strategies and actions to take care of ourselves, starting by creating a new "9 to 5". 

Recognising it’s ok to not be ok

Discover the programmes and resources that SAP offers employees going through challenging times to help them run more sustainably.

Realising that you are not alone

Explore how coming together and supporting each other are the keys to helping everyone navigate the challenges we all struggle with, in authentic and relatable ways.


Allow for sad days, not just sick days

In this podcast, Adam Grant breaks down some myths about mental health at work.

Helping people reach their full potential

At SAP, we empower our teams with a deep understanding of the strong connection between health, well-being, and business success. Our holistic portfolio of benefits and offerings are designed to help ensure our people have what they need to stay balanced and thrive.

Redefining well-being for a changing workforce

Explore why today’s employers are placing increasing value on workforce wellness and the solutions that support it.

Adapting leadership behaviours to impact well-being

Consider the three leadership practices that help support employee well-being and prevent emotional exhaustion.

Getting employers to talk about mental health

Take a look at how SAP, Qualtrics, and Mind Share Partners are inspiring a culture shift in the destigmatization of mental health.

Sustainable success with empathy and care

A healthy, inclusive workplace culture fosters a level of trust that empowers people to perform at their best.

Showing how well-being impacts the bottom line

Learn why SAP views efforts that enhance employees' health and quality of life as a core business enabler.

Understanding why employee mental health matters

Evaluate how accommodating your employees’ mental health needs can lead to higher productivity and retention. 

Forging resilience through the power of people

Go beyond keeping your business running by supporting your employees’ personal tenacity and strengths.

Driving change with meaning and impact through SAP Purpose Network

Destigmatizing mental health and promoting well-being

Hear how SAP is working with customers and partners to enable healthy, productive, and creative workplaces with kindness and compassion.

Identifying depression with the Algorithm of Life

See why a collaboration between SAP Brazil, Amazon Web Services, and Africa agency can potentially help prevent the second-leading cause of death, depression.

Delivering data-driven crisis responses at HarrisLogic

Learn from HarrisLogic's experience in addressing mental health with technology that improves evidence-based care and provides data-driven crisis responses.

Uncovering the important of mental health in the workplace

Listen to Dr. Stewart Friedman from Wharton Business School and Vivek Bapat from SAP discuss trends impacting mental health and ways businesses can address them.

Creating a kinder and braver world with Born this Way Foundation

Hear advice from Cynthia Germanotta and Maya Enista-Smith from Born this Way Foundation on how companies can end the stigma around mental health.

Aligning mental health and well-being initiatives with U.N. Global Goals

Sustainable development goal #3: good health and well-being

SAP cares about the health and well-being of our employees and believes that our long-term success as a company is the result of a healthy workplace culture. 

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If you are experiencing a challenge or worried about anything, contact your doctor or access your employer's assistance program. For more information, visit WHO #HealthyAtHome - Mental Health.

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