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Claudia Funck

Chief Project Expert

Claudia's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

I support the delivery of SAP products for retail customers. A lot of retailers I shop with are working with “my” SAP software. So, my daily business is a meaningful task.

Claudia Funck

Claudia Funck is a Chief Project Expert – Development and started working at SAP 9 years ago.

"The company I worked with was acquired by SAP 9 years ago. So, I would say I’ve been working 9 years at SAP, even if legally it is 21 years!


I grew up close to the SAP Headquarters at Waldorf in the area of Heidelberg/Ludwigshafen/Mannheim. I went to universities at Constance (Konstanz) and Karlsruhe and lived in Berlin for 5 years to complete my PhD Thesis. For the last 22 years I’ve lived close to the lake of Constance. Our office at Tägerwilen, Switzerland, is near the lake, about 20 km away from my hometown at Germany. I’m a cross-border worker.


In 2011 SAP acquired SAF, the company I worked with. The acquisition was not a surprise, as we had an OAM collaboration with SAP for many years. For me signing the SAP contract was not only about the change to the terms and conditions of my employment contract. I was nominated to support the post-merger integration process. Signing the contract with SAP was my commitment to take over responsibility, to contribute, and that our software and product development will find its place within SAP – concerning working culture for employees as well as to overall business success regarding software and product development.

I have reached this goal: the majority of my colleagues are still working at Tägerwilen and a lot of ideas developed during SAF are now part of SAP products.


In my current role of Program Manager, I work with development teams distributed across 8 locations, in 3 continents and 5 time-zones. This results in leading remotely and working together with colleagues I have never met in person. Therefore, communication and organizational tasks are my daily business.


I support the delivery of SAP products for retail customers. A lot of retailers I shop with are working with “my” SAP software. So, my daily business is a meaningful task. I (and as well everyone else) can find the right products at the right time on the shelves or at online stores thanks to SAP technology.


I like that within our team we have trust and openness. We are supporting each other to get tasks done. It’s great teamwork – even over different locations, time zones and continents.


In my free-time I love outdoor activities, especially close to the water like sailing and kayaking. That for me is the perfect time to relax and to enjoy nature. I’m engaged in voluntary activities supporting the canoeing club at my hometown and the Canoe Association of Baden-Württemberg.

My husband died 10 years ago. So, I know both traditional family (mum, dad, child) and to be a single mom. Today, my 22-year-old son is studying in another city and is going more and more his own way.

As you can imagine at Lake of Constance there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. To my point of view, I’m able to find the right work-life balance. Sometimes I cycle to the office by bike and occasionally I kayak to spend less time in the car and more time doing an outdoor activity and enjoying nature!


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