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Support Requests

Pre-order activities

  • Contract related topics
  • Payment terms

Contact: Please contact your local buyer

Supplier enablement

  • Supplier enablement on Fieldglass
  • Supplier training
  • Support for suppliers with system usage
  • Auto/manual invoicing questions



  • 3rd party Services Requests
  • SOWs
  • Nonbillable/Billable Contingent Work Orders
  • Other Procurement related activities


Ordering - External Workforce Center Team

  • Temporary staff ordering process
  • Worker master data maintenance (registration, C-User ID, account creation)
  • Missing timesheets
  • Worker related mandatory documents (CPS, information security training, questionnaire)

Contact: EWFC support

Global toll number +49 6227 7 78894

Invoice posting/payment

  • All invoices - Invoice status, payment status, rejected invoices, invoice correction
  • Timesheet revision issues
  • Incorrect invoice status on FG 


Activation Packages

External workers must complete an Activation Package prior to the start of their engagement at SAP.  Please ensure they fill out and sign the current version of the External Worker Confidentiality and Data Protection Statement, as well as complete the Mandatory Information Security & Compliance Training and the External Worker Questionnaire, provided below.

  • Please be sure to upload all pages of the signed External Worker Confidentiality and Data Protection Statement and Questionnaire to the activity items in Fieldglass

In addition to the completed documents required above, the activation package also contains the following documents which need to be reviewed by external workers. These do not need to be signed or returned to SAP.

  • SAP Code of Business Conduct for External Workers,
  • SAP Global Security Policy,
  • SAP Global Security Standard Information Classification & Handling,
  • SAP Global Data Protection & Privacy Policy


Quick Reference Guides

Accepting statements of work (SOWs) and adding workers

 (services procurement)

Submitting events and SOW line items for approval

Responding to job postings

(services procurement)

Accepting work orders

(services procurement)

Completing time and expense sheets


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